Sound of Impact

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Sound Of Impact
Big Black Sound Of Impact.jpg
Live album by Big Black
Released 1987
Genre Noise punk, post-hardcore
Length 50 minutes
Label Blast First
Producer Big Black
Big Black chronology
The Hammer Party
Sound of Impact
The Rich Man's Eight Track Tape

Sound of Impact is an official live bootleg by the post-hardcore band Big Black.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Ready Men"
  2. "Big Money"
  3. "Pigeon Kill"
  4. "Passing Complexion"
  5. "Crack Up"
  6. "RIP"
  7. "Jordan, Minnesota"
  8. "Steelworker (Short Fragment)"
  9. "Cables"
  10. "Pigeon Kill"
  11. "Kerosene"
  12. "Bad Penny"
  13. "Deep Six"
  14. "RIP"
  15. "Rema Rema"