Soundareswararswamy Temple, Thiruppanaiyur

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Soundareswararswamy Temple
Soundareswararswamy Temple, Thiruppanaiyur is located in Tamil Nadu
Soundareswararswamy Temple, Thiruppanaiyur
Location in Tamil Nadu
Coordinates10°51′47″N 79°39′24″E / 10.86306°N 79.65667°E / 10.86306; 79.65667Coordinates: 10°51′47″N 79°39′24″E / 10.86306°N 79.65667°E / 10.86306; 79.65667
StateTamil Nadu
LocaleThiruppanaiyur, Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, India
SanctumSoundareswararswamy Swamy(Shiva)
ArchitectureDravidian architecture

The Soundareswararswamy Temple or Sountharyanathar temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva. It is situated in the village of Thiruppanaiyur, three and a half kilometres from Nannilam. The temple is centred on a palmyra tree which is the sthalavriksha. The palmyra tree gives its name to the village itself ("Thiru" (holy) + "Panai" (palm) + "Ur" (city) or the "city of the holy palm")

The temple is popular due to its association with the Early Chola king Karikala. It is believed that Karikala was standing under the palmyra tree when the royal elephant of the Cholas identified him as the king. Karikala was then taken to the capital on elephant back to be crowned Emperor.


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