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Rage - Soundchaser album cover.jpg
Cover art by Joachim Luetke
Studio album by Rage
Released September 16, 2003
Recorded April 2003 - May 2003
Studio VPS Studios, Hamm, Germany
Genre Power metal, progressive metal, heavy metal
Length 53:20
Label SPV/Steamhammer
Producer Rage, Charlie Bauerfeind
Rage chronology
Speak of the Dead
(2006)Speak of the Dead2006

Soundchaser is the 16th studio album by the German heavy metal band Rage, released in 2003 by SPV/Steamhammer.[1]

This is a concept album featuring a science fiction/horror story about the Soundchaser, Rage's mascot. A biomechanoid creature, crafted by the elders to serve as a sentinel, it has turned into a monster, attacking anything that issues a sound.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Orgy of Destruction"   Mike Terrana, Victor Smolski 1:26
2. "War of Worlds" Peter "Peavy" Wagner Smolski 6:07
3. "Great Old Ones" Wagner Wagner 4:03
4. "Soundchaser" Wagner Smolski 5:37
5. "Defenders of the Ancient Life" Wagner Wagner 4:05
6. "Secrets in a Weird World" Wagner Smolski 5:28
7. "Flesh and Blood" Wagner Smolski 5:13
8. "Human Metal" Wagner Smolski 5:27
9. "See You in Heaven or Hell" Wagner Wagner 4:00
10. "Falling from Grace, Pt. 1: Wake the Nightmares" Wagner Wagner 4:59
11. "Falling from Grace, Pt. 2: Death Is on Its Way" Wagner Wagner 6:55
Total length: 53:20


Band members
Additional musicians
  • Andi Deris - vocals on "Wake the Nightmares"
  • Thomas Hackmann - backing vocals
  • Charlie Bauerfeind - producer, mixing, mastering
  • Ingo 'Charly' Czajkowski - engineer
  • Jan Rubach - additional digital editing


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