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Rage - Soundchaser album cover.jpg
Cover art by Joachim Luetke
Studio album by Rage
Released September 16, 2003
Recorded VPS Studios, Hamm, Germany, April 2003 - May 2003
Genre Power metal, progressive metal, heavy metal
Length 53:20
Label SPV/Steamhammer
Producer Rage & Charlie Bauerfeind
Rage chronology
Speak of the Dead

Soundchaser is the 16th studio album by the German heavy metal band Rage, released in 2003 by SPV/Steamhammer.[1]

This is a concept album featuring a science fiction/horror story about the Soundchaser, Rage's mascot. A biomechanoid creature, crafted by the elders to serve as a sentinel, it has turned into a monster, attacking anything that issues a sound.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Orgy of Destruction"     Mike Terrana, Victor Smolski 1:26
2. "War of Worlds"   Peter "Peavy" Wagner Smolski 6:07
3. "Great Old Ones"   Wagner Wagner 4:03
4. "Soundchaser"   Wagner Smolski 5:37
5. "Defenders of the Ancient Life"   Wagner Wagner 4:05
6. "Secrets in a Weird World"   Wagner Smolski 5:28
7. "Flesh and Blood"   Wagner Smolski 5:13
8. "Human Metal"   Wagner Smolski 5:27
9. "See You in Heaven or Hell"   Wagner Wagner 4:00
10. "Falling from Grace, Pt. 1: Wake the Nightmares"   Wagner Wagner 4:59
11. "Falling from Grace, Pt. 2: Death Is on It's Way"   Wagner Wagner 6:55
Total length:


Band members[edit]

Additional musicians[edit]

  • Andi Deris - vocals on "Wake the Nightmares"
  • Thomas Hackmann - backing vocals


  • Charlie Bauerfeind - producer, mixing, mastering
  • Ingo 'Charly' Czajkowski - engineer
  • Jan Rubach - additional digital editing


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