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Sounds from the Ground
Nick Woolfson and Elliot Jones in 2009.
Nick Woolfson and Elliot Jones in 2009.
Background information
OriginLondon, England
GenresDowntempo, electronic, ambient, dub
Years active1995–present
LabelsUpstream (UK), Waveform Records (US)
MembersNick Woolfson
Elliot Jones

Sounds from the Ground (SFTG) is an English electronic music duo formed in 1995. Both members Nick Woolfson and Elliot Jones met through their involvement with the underground music scene in London. Their style has been described as ambient dub-techno by musical critic Jason Birchmeier. According to Birchmeier, the compositions were "meticulously crafted downtempo (...) with a combination of analog and digital gear".[1]


Elliot Jones's background is in chillout and dub music, from running his own label and performing for clubs and gatherings in the early 1990s.[2] Nick Woolfson has worked in many styles of music, as long as it is innovative and of good quality, with downtempo being his comfort zone.[2] Jones had written Triangle as a demo which was introduced to Woolfson; their styles matched and the duo was born.[2]

Woolfson's studio in London is called The Starlight Rooms. Woolfson has been working primarily with Mac and Logic for approximately the last ten years. He has incorporated older analog and digital synthesizers into his music: Yamaha CS-70, ARP Axxe, Moog Rogue, Yamaha CS30, Roland TB-303, Yamaha DX7, Virus, 2 x Roland JV-1080, 2 x Akai S3000 samplers. A Mackie 32-8 plus extra 24 input mixing desk has been rendered virtually redundant by the Mac.

SFTG have collaborated with various artists over the years, including vocalists Taz, Aine, Colein, Nicola Hitchcock, Dillinger and General Levy. The duo has also worked with pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole and ex-Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor, as well as Gaudi and Benjamin Zephaniah.

The duo were regular performers and DJs at The Big Chill music festivals,[2] and have played at Glastonbury.

In October 2010 SFTG released their studio album The Maze, which was followed by the release of a remastered version of Mosaic on 28 March 2011. A new EP download only release was offered later that year, as well as Luminal (remastered).

In 2012 the duo released Ready, Steady, Slow (A Chillout Release), and Widerworld which was published on Waveform Records on 11 September.


  • Kin (1996): merged hip hop, dub and jazz, and charted in the top 20 of the CMJ RPM charts.
  • Mosaic (1999): Known as Terra Firma in the U.S.. The album includes drum and bass, jazz and soul influences.[3] The album charted on the top 20 of the CMJ RPM charts as Terra Firma.
  • Natural Selection (2003): The song "New Day" was featured in the movie The Guardian[4] soundtrack and the TV series Wonderfalls. "Lean On Me" was also on Wonderfalls. "Gentle Healing" was featured in the Smallville season 2 soundtrack.
  • Luminal (2004): charted in the top 20 of the CMJ RPM charts. The track "The Day Goes By" was written and vocals by Tanya Tagaq.[5]
  • High Rising (2006): Features collaborations with Gaudi and UK vocalist Taz. High Rising charted in the top 20 of the CMJ RPM charts.
  • Brightwhitelight (2008): Released on Waveform Records. Brightwhitelight charted for three months in the top 20 of the CMJ RPM charts in the USA, peaking at #6 (November 2008 to February 2009).
  • Thru The Ages (2009): contains rare and unreleased material. Originally released via download only, it was subsequently available as a limited edition CD including a bonus track.
  • In The Cool Of The Shade EP (2009): Download only release.
  • Spectral EP (2010): Download only release.
  • KIN Remastered (2010): Released on Upstream Records.
  • The Maze (2010): charted in the top 20 of the CMJ RPM charts and #2 in Echoes chart.
  • Widerworld (2012): Released on Waveform Records.
  • Ready, Steady, Slow (2012): Released on Upstream Records.
  • Tribes (2013): Released on Upstream Records.
  • Alchemy (2015): Released on Upstream Records.
  • Native Soul (2017): Released on Upstream Records.
  • Binary (2019): Released 03/25/2019 on Upstream Records.
  • Thru the Ages II (2020): Released 6/1/2020 on Upstream Records.


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