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Sounds for Silence Baby Settling and Health Guide by Harry Zehnwirth, now in its second edition, is an advice book for parents on baby settling strategies, managing irritability, and infant health issues.

Zehnwirth identified that the two most common problems experienced by new parents of babies are infant irritability and sleep difficulties. Sounds for Silence has been featured on A Current Affair, Sunrise, and Channel 7 News.


Trials found that babies responded best to low-pitched and consistent sounds These sounds were recreated or technically crafted with the help of an audio engineer. The trials showed that using the CD, 75% of babies settled in less than 5 minutes, 53% of babies settled in less than 60 seconds and 31% settled in less than 20 seconds.

Sounds for Silence received a vote of confidence from parents. Asked whether or not they would recommend the CD to other parents on a scale from 1 (definitely not) to 5 (definitely yes), 96.25% responded 4 or 5 on the yes end of the scale.


Parents complain that the noises on the CD are unpleasant and irritating to listen to. Dr Zehnwirth agrees, but reinforces they are baby specific sounds.

Another concern is that if you play the CD too loud it will damage the babies hearing. This is not true, consider how loud they cry.

Dr. Zehnwirth[edit]

Dr Harry Zehnwirth is a consultant Pediatrician with more than 20 years of specialised medical education and experience. Pediatrics is a specialised area of medicine that involves the care of infants, children and adolescents. It encompasses neonatology, emergency medicine, management of acute illnesses and chronic conditions, as well as behavioural and developmental health.

The rapport Dr. Harry has with young patients, families and colleagues is testimony to the clinical competence he demonstrates as well as the trust and reassurance he engenders. He is a strong believer in the beneficial effects of fun and magic in medicine which he uses to distract, humour and reassure children (and their families) during medical consultations and hospital care. He is renowned for finding innovative treatment solutions such as "Tickle Therapy" which is now used as an effective form of chest physiotherapy for young children.

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