Sounds of Australia

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Sounds of Australia
Country Australia
Presented by National Film and Sound Archive
First awarded 2007
Official website Sounds of Australia on NFSA

Established in 2007, the Sounds of Australia (formerly known as the National Registry of Recorded Sound) is the National Film and Sound Archive's selection of sound recordings with cultural, historical and aesthetic significance and relevance, which inform or reflect life in Australia.

Each year, the Australian public nominates new sounds to be added with final selections determined by a panel of industry experts. The new additions are announced in August.

2007 Foundation List[1][edit]

Recording or collection Performer or agent Year NFSA Title No.
"The Hen Convention"
Earliest known Australian sound recording
JJ Villiers 1897 452097
"Chant Vénitien" Nellie Melba 1904 301462
"The Landing of the Australian Troops in Egypt" 1915 229758, 190559
"Along the Road to Gundagai" Peter Dawson 1931 189022
"Give a Little Credit To Your Dad; Lonesome For You Mother Dear" Buddy Williams 1939 190438
"Swanston St Shamble/Two Day Jag" Graeme Bell 1944 232811
Tribal Music of Australia A. P. Elkin 1953 242999
"She's My Baby" Johnny O'Keefe 1960 291386
"Kerr's cur" speech Gough Whitlam November 11, 1975 156392
"Down Under" Men at Work 1981 406936

2007 additions[edit]

Recording or collection Performer or agent Year NFSA Title No.
Fanny Cochrane Smith’s Tasmanian Aboriginal Songs Fanny Cochrane Smith 1899 500445
"My South Polar Expedition" Sir Ernest Shackleton 1910 562537
Dad and Dave from Snake Gully
First episode
George Edwards Players May 31, 1937 737158
"The Majestic Fanfare" Charles Williams 1952 737182
"Maranoa Lullaby" Harold Blair 1950 245797
Corroboree Sydney Symphony Orchestra 1950 297286
"Sam Griffiths" Jack Luscombe, recorded by John Meredith 1953 737269
"Friday on My Mind" The Easybeats 1966 492436
"(I'm) Stranded" The Saints 1976 322350
"Jailanguru Pakarnu" Warumpi Band 1983 244155