Soundwave Festival (San Francisco)

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Not to be confused with the Soundwave Festival in Australia
Soundwave Festival
Genre Electronic music, art
Dates Every two years for two months
Location(s) San Francisco, California
Years active 2004-present
Founded by ME'DI.ATE Art Group
Soundwave Festival site

Soundwave Festival (formerly called the Soundwave Series) is a sound, art, and music festival that happens every two years for two months in San Francisco.[1]


Soundwave is produced by ME'DI.ATE Art Group. The festival features diverse local and international multimedia artists working with sound including noise artists, sound artists, improvisers, experimental musicians, composers, avant-garde musicians, vocalists, electroacoustic musicians, classical musicians and rock musicians. The festival focuses on new and unusual performances and art works, often in untraditional environments. Soundwave primarily showcases "sound art," but also explores disciplines such as music, dance, and installation. It’s an art experience out of the unexpected to explore important ideas and issues of our time.


Soundwave created the well-received[2][3] AudioBus series conceived by Soundwave founder and artistic director Alan So for its third season MOVE SOUND in 2008.[4] It featured Bay Area singer Goh Nakamura,[3][5] avant-cellist Zoe Keating,[2] Odessa Chen and [ruidobello] and David Graves.[6]

Other noted artists and musicians that have created performances at Soundwave include: Moe! Staiano (Moe!Kestra!), Andrea Polli, Matt Davignon, Diana Burgoyne, (Rob Reger (Beno+Minnie with Aimee Friberg), Dana Gumbiner (of Deathray under electronic name Night Night), Danny Grody (of Tarentel performing with band The Drift) and Neal Morgan (of Joanna Newsom's Y Street Band and Golden Shoulders)

Soundwave was awarded "Best Sound Sculptures – Future Classic" by the editors of San Francisco Magazine in their Best of 2007 issue[7] while being compared to San Francisco's Audium (Theater).

Soundwave seasons[edit]

Soundwave has had seven seasons: FREE SOUND 2004, SURROUND SOUND 2006 (curator and show featured by SPARK* on KQED-PBS),[8] MOVE SOUND 2008[9][1] which included amplified skateboarding,[10] sound drawing,[11] holographic movies.[12] ME'DI.ATE's fourth Soundwave season GREEN SOUND 2010 included performances in historic WWII Bunkers,[13] churches,[14] city streets and parks, and an artist-imagined environment Illuminated Forest.[15] Its fifth season Soundwave HUMANITIES 2012 has been called epic, glorious and with distinct and daring artists. Season six explored WATER in 2014 in the midst of a California drought. The seventh season ARCHITECTURE occurred in 2016 exploring the rapid transformation of San Francisco's changing cityscapes and its implications.

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