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Soup to Nutz is a daily comic strip drawn by Rick Stromoski, who also is the artist behind The Mullets. The comic launched in March 2000, and is syndicated by the Newspaper Enterprise Association. It centers on the Nutz family, particularly the three children in the family.


Roy Nutz: The patriarch of the Nutz family, a typical blue-collar working slob. The short-tempered head of the household enjoys watching TV and drinking beer. Heavy-handed references have been made to the Nutz family's religion, which is Roman Catholicism.

Pat Nutz: Roy's wife, who seems to be the only normal one in the family.

Roy Nutz, Jr., aka Royboy: The oldest of the three Nutz children. Huskily built, he is rather slow witted, overeats, and enjoys sports. He also breaks wind a lot.

Babs Nutz: The middle of the three Nutz children is the only girl, and the smartest. She is able to manipulate both Royboy and Andrew to her advantage.

Andrew Nutz: The youngest of the three Nutz children. Andrew enjoys playing with dolls, and is bossed around on a regular basis by both of his older siblings.


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