Sour (album)

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Ours - Sour.jpg
Studio album by Ours
Released 1994
Genre Alternative rock
Label Beatnik Records
Producer Mike Marri
Ours chronology
Distorted Lullabies

Sour is the first official recording by rock group Ours. Sour is an anagram of the band's name.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Dracula's Bride"
  2. "Lotti Di"
  3. "The Mean Between Extremes"
  4. "Trust Is Dead"
  5. "The Norm"
  6. "Emotional Wreck"
  7. "Use Me"
  8. "Ours"
  9. "My Friend Bill"
  10. "So Mean"
  11. "I Think"
  12. "The Instinct I've Been Taught"
  13. "All They Know"