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Sour Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Sour, Lebanon. It is currently used mostly for football matches and serves as the home for Tadamon Sour. The stadium has a capacity of 6,500 people. In 1939 collapsed a group of students from schools in the city of Tyre to the establishment of a sports team football, and soon the team that the development and progression of activists which to request an official licensed stadium in 1947 and became an active sports center for the Lebanese people. The stadium Was limited to the activities it does. The beginning of its composition a number of activities and sports such as (table tennis - Bodybuilding - Boxing - weight lifting), but most notably, the most important football.

Coordinates: 33°16′29″N 35°12′42″E / 33.274816°N 35.2116°E / 33.274816; 35.2116