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EditorHelena Lang
Andrea Lynch (Art Director)
Michelle Dickson (Deputy Editor)
Lisa Walmsley (Chief Sub Editor)
Morwenna Lawson (Sub Editor)
Helen Bull (Art Editor)
Ginny Henry (Picture Editor)
CategoriesLifestyle, Design, Food, Beauty, Fashion, Health, Finance, Travel
First issue2006
CompanyJohn Brown Group
CountryUnited Kingdom
WebsiteGreenbee - Source Magazine

Source magazine is a free bi-monthly magazine published by the John Brown Group on behalf of Greenbee, John Lewis, and Waitrose, all three of which are owned by the John Lewis Partnership, with articles covering interior design, beauty, the arts, travel, finance, and lifestyle.


Source magazine was launched in Autumn 2006, around the time the John Lewis Partnership launched Greenbee, its new direct services company, providing selected services, from insurance to ticket sales and internet service. Source was thus conceived, as well as being a source of entertainment and information, to introduce customers to the Greenbee services (helping to make it a household name), and to reinforce the relationship between the John Lewis Partnership and its customers. It comes from the same stable as Waitrose Food Illustrated, a magazine published for 10 years.

Target audience

Source is intended to appeal to typical John Lewis and Waitrose customers, that is, predominantly upper middle class and middle class (A, B, and to some extent C1) older people. As such, returning advertisers include Prada, Lancôme, Samsung, AEG, and Panasonic. In order to appeal to younger customers, Source has undergone slight changes to give it a more modern look, including changing the font on the spine from serif to sans-serif, and writing the issue numbers in numeric format rather than text.

Availability and distribution

Source is only available from John Lewis and Waitrose branches in the UK, although the previous five issues are shown on the magazine's website.[1]


Source magazine is available at no charge. The first five issues had a coloured circle on the cover reading "Free to John Lewis and Waitrose customers". Since then, the cover reads "free" and a margin note near the staff list reads "Free to all Greenbee, John Lewis, and Waitrose customers". The move comes after the original format misled some customers into mistakenly thinking they needed to have a Partnership card or that a purchase was needed for the magazine to be free.

Cover stars

Each issue has a famous celebrity on the cover, with whom an in-depth interview is conducted in the magazine. Below is a list of cover stars to date:

Issue Cover Star
#1 (Autumn 2006) Madonna
#2 (Nov/Dec 2006) Emma Thompson
#3 (Jan/Feb 2007) Cate Blanchett
#4 (Mar/Apr 2007) George Clooney
#5 (May/June 2007) Hermione Norris
#6 (Jul/Aug 2007) Sting
#7 (Sept/Oct 2007) Angelina Jolie
#8 (Nov/Dec 2007) Rachel Weisz
#9 (Jan/Feb 2008) Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders
#10 (Mar/Apr 2008) Kristin Scott Thomas
#11 (May/June 2008) Kim Cattrall
#12 (July/Aug 2008) Julianne Moore
#13 (Sep/Oct 2008) Debra Messing