Sous le ciel de Paris

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Sous le ciel de Paris (Movie)
Directed by Julien Duvivier
Written by Julien Duvivier
Starring Brigitte Auber (Denise Lambert)
Sylvie (Louise Sylvain) (Mademoiselle Perrier)
Paul Frankeur (Milou)
Daniel Ivernel (Georges Forestier)
Release date
Running time
105 min
Country France
Language French

Sous le ciel de Paris (movie) (Under the Sky of Paris) is a 1951 French film. The song of the same name, later recorded by Édith Piaf and others, was written for this film by Hubert Giraud (music) and Jean Dréjac (lyrics). It was sung by Jean Bretonnière. The melody of the song is used as background for the song Live Circus on the concert album Glitter and Doom Live by Tom Waits.


Under the sky of Paris, during a day, we see large and small events that occur in the lives of several people whose fates will intertwine. A poor old lady, after searching in vain all day to feed her cats, receives unexpected reward of a mother who, thanks to her, found at night her daughter who had been lost since morning. A young girl, dreaming of love, refuses the advances of her childhood friend to be stabbed to death by a sadistic sculptor. The latter is shot by a policeman who accidentally injured a worker who was returning home after the successful conclusion of a strike. Rushed to hospital, the injured worker is saved through the first open-heart surgery performed by a young surgeon who has just flunked his intern exam.

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