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Sousa/Ostwald Award

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The Sousa/Ostwald Award is an annual award given by the American Bandmasters Association for a composition for concert band. It was first awarded in 1956, after band uniform suppliers Ernest and Adolph Ostwald established the ABA/Ostwald Award for the best band composition written in the previous year.[1] Previous rules allowed for compositions of grades 1-6, but the rules are undergoing a transition to focus on grades 1-4 (in 2011) and 5-6 (in 2012). The award was renamed from the Ostwald Award in 2011.[2]


Year Composition Composer
1956 Fanfare and Allegro J. Clifton Williams
1957 Symphonic Suite J. Clifton Williams
1958 Portrait of the Land J. Mark Quinn
1959 Introduction and Scherzo Maurice Weed
1960 Overture in G Florian Mueller
1961 Cumberland Gap Overture Joseph Willcox Jenkins
1962 Concertino for Band Fritz Velke
1963 Concert Suite Frederic H. Ashe
1964 Symphony for Band Robert E. Jager
1965 Overture for Band Frederick Beyer
1966 Variations on a Korean Folk Song John Barnes Chance
1967 Daedalic Symphony Lawrence Weiner
1968 Diamond Variations Robert E. Jager
1969 Aria and Toccata Richard Willis
1970 Toccata Fisher Tull
1971 Divertimento for Concert Band Karl Kroeger
1972 Sinfonietta Robert E. Jager
1973 Festival Fanfare March Roger Nixon
1974 Visions James S. Sclater
1975 Jubiloso Robert M. Panerio, Sr.
1976 Todesband Lorette Jankowski
1977 Danses Sacred and Profane William H. Hill
1978 Symphony, Opus 35 James Barnes
1979 (No Winner Chosen)
1980 Mutanza James E. Curnow
1981 Visions Macabre James Barnes
1982 Armies of the Omnipresent Otserf David R. Holsinger
1983 Exaltations Martin Mailman
1984 Symphonic Variants for Euphonium and Band James E. Curnow
1985 Symphony for Winds and Percussion Joseph H. Downing
1986 In the Spring, at the Time When the Kings Go Off to War David R. Holsinger
1987 Synergistic Parable David Sartor
1988 Piece of Mind Dana Wilson
1989 For Precious Friends Hid in Death's Dateless Night Martin Mailman
1990 Fire Works Gregory Youtz
1991 The Soaring Hawk Timothy Mahr
1992 Endurance Timothy Mahr (Commission)
1993 Passacaglia (Homage on B-A-C-H) Ron Nelson
1994 Chaconne (In Memoriam) Ron Nelson (Commission)
1995 Sea Drift Anthony Iannaccone
1996 Psalms for a Great Country Anthony Iannaccone (Commission)
1997 Zion Dan Welcher
1998 Circular Marches Dan Welcher (Commission)
1999 Fantasy Variations Donald Grantham
2000 Southern Harmony Donald Grantham (Commission)
2001 (No Winner Chosen)
2002 Harrison's Dream Peter Graham
2003 (No Contest Held)
2004 (No Contest Held)
2005 Redline Tango John Mackey
2006 (No Contest Held)
2007 Raise the Roof Michael Daugherty
2008 (No Contest Held)
2009 Aurora Awakes John Mackey
2010 (No Contest Held)
2011 Songs for Wind Ensemble Yo Goto
2012 Flourishes and Meditations Michael Gandolfi
2013 Pale Blue on Deep Aaron Perrine
2014 Concerto for Alto Saxophone Steven Bryant
2015 Only Light Aaron Perrine
2016 Masks and Machines Paul Dooley
2017 A Cypress Prelude Christopher Lowry
2018 Symphony No. 2 "Voices" James Stephenson
2019 Unquiet Hours David Biedenbender
2020 The Seer Erik Santos
2021 Perpetua Peter Meechan
2022 Sinfonia Zhou Tian
2023 Tuebor Suite Andrew David Perkins


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