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The South-Eastern Europe Brigade or SEEBRIG is a multinational brigade with forces from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, the Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, and Turkey. It was established as part of NATO's Partnership for Peace initiative.

It was established in August 1999, based on the Multinational Peace Force South-Eastern Europe (MPFSEE) agreement concluded between the defence ministers of the participating countries at Skopje on 26 September 1998.[1] The brigade is to be placed under the disposal of UN, NATO, or EU peacekeeping missions, but can also be deployed independently as a self-contained unit.[2]

The brigade comprises some 5,000 troops,[1] comprising four mechanized infantry battalions, and an engineer task force (ETF) that provides "an emergency relief and humanitarian intervention capabilities.".[3]

The participating troops remain at their home stations, but are coordinated by a common headquarters.[1] This was initially based at Plovdiv in Bulgaria, before moving to Constanta in Romania in 2003, Istanbul in Turkey in 2007, and since 2011 located at Tyrnavos in Greece.[3]


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