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Looking towards southeast - Smithfield (bottom of map) to Liverpool (top-right).

South-western Sydney is the metropolitan area in south-west Sydney, Australia. It is part of the predominantly working class area of Greater Western Sydney.

Local government areas[edit]

There are a number of different boundaries for the region. Sometimes it includes only the areas around the suburbs of Liverpool, and Campbelltown. Increasingly, it has also included Macarthur region (the local government areas of Camden Council, Canterbury-Bankstown Council, and Wollondilly Shire Council). It may also include the whole area from the inner south-west suburbs around Canterbury and Bankstown to the outer south-west suburbs around Campbelltown and beyond to Camden.

In this second, broader sense, South-western Sydney is the suburbs found in the local government areas of the City of Canterbury, City of Bankstown, City of Fairfield, City of Liverpool, City of Campbelltown, Camden Council, and Wollondilly Shire Council.


Several institutions have 'South Western Sydney' in their title, including:

  • South Western Sydney Local Health District [1]
  • South Western Sydney Institute [2]
  • NSW Education – South Western Sydney Region[3]
  • South Western Sydney Clinical School[4]

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