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SouthPeak Games
Traded as OTC Pink: SOPK
Industry Computer and video game industry
Founded 1994
Defunct 2012
Headquarters Midlothian, Virginia, USA
Key people
Terry Phillips (Chairman)
Melanie Mroz (CEO)
Products TNA Wrestling, Section 8
Revenue Increase $40.3 million USD (2009)
Number of employees
Subsidiaries Gamecock Media Group, Southpeak UK, Southpeak Texas
Website SouthPeak Games

SouthPeak Games (often called SouthPeak Interactive) is a video game publisher of titles in Europe and North America. In 2012, SouthPeak Games went out of business.


SouthPeak Games, which was originally a subsidiary of SAS Institute, has been publishing games since 1995 and has worked with multiple development studios, including EAI Interactive, Psyonix Studios[1] and TopWare Interactive. The company published games for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS video game systems as well as Microsoft Windows. It also has games in development for the Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 3. SouthPeak publishes games for all current-generation consoles and hand helds, and Microsoft Windows. Their games cover a wide variety of genres and demographics.[citation needed] SouthPeak is headquartered in Midlothian, Virginia, United States and has branch offices in Grapevine, Texas and London, England. In July 2008 the company revealed that it had raised USD$12.9 million in private investments for the development of indie games.[2] On October 14, 2008, the company acquired Gamecock Media Group.[3]

On February 17, 2009, SouthPeak announced earnings of $17.3 million in revenues for a three-month period ending December 31, 2008 – an increase from $4.2 million for the same period in 2007 – calling themselves "one of the fastest growing video game publishers".[4] Southpeak Chairman, Terry Phillips, attributed their success to "our diversified portfolio, tightly managed costs, and strict supervision of the retail channel and field inventory levels." This along with the unexpectedly high demand of the "My Baby" games for Nintendo DS drove Southpeak's revenue, according to CEO Melanie Mroz.[4] On November 11, 2009, they revealed their acquisition of the TNA Wrestling video game license from Midway Games during their quarterly report.[5] The license only includes an upcoming hand held game and the back catalog.[6]


Release Date Title Platforms Genre ESRB Rating
1995 Qin: Tomb of the Middle Kingdom DOS Adventure K-A
Oct 31, 1996 Virtual Jigsaw: MasterPieces Edition Microsoft Windows Puzzle n/a
Jan 1, 1997 Temüjin Microsoft Windows Adventure T
Oct 31, 1997 Men in Black: The Game Microsoft Windows Action T
1997 Monty Python's The Meaning of Life Microsoft Windows Adventure M
Jan 1, 1998 Dark Side of the Moon: A Sci-Fi Adventure Microsoft Windows Adventure T
1998 The Robot Club Microsoft Windows Edutainment n/a
1998 Pinky and the Brain: World Conquest Microsoft Windows Puzzle n/a
1998 Looney Tunes: Cosmic Capers - Animated Jigsaws Microsoft Windows Puzzle n/a
Apr 30, 1999 Boss Rally Microsoft Windows Racing E
June 15, 1999 Animaniacs: A Gigantic Adventure Microsoft Windows Platformer E
Nov 30, 1999 The Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for Home Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Windows Racing
Nov 30, 1999 Wild Wild West: The Steel Assassin Microsoft Windows Adventure T
Dec 2, 1999 BoomBots Sony PlayStation Fighting T
1999 Animaniacs Splat Ball Microsoft Windows Shooter E
1999 Mystery of the Fun Park Phantom Microsoft Windows Adventure game E
2000 Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest Microsoft Windows Adventure game E
Oct 24, 2006 Juka and the Monophonic Menace Game Boy Advance Action-Adventure, Fantasy E
Oct 31, 2006 Scurge: Hive Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS Action-Adventure, Fantasy E10+
Feb 14, 2006 State of Emergency 2 PlayStation 2 First Person Action M
Apr 9, 2007 Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer PlayStation 2 3D Platformer E10+
Jun 12, 2007 Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 Shoot 'Em Up T
Aug 24, 2007 Two Worlds Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 Role-Playing M
Sep 4, 2007 Pool Party Wii Billiards E
Jan 31, 2008 Iridium Runners PlayStation 2 Racing E
Oct 14, 2008 Ninjatown Nintendo DS Strategy E
Nov 4, 2008 Legendary PlayStation 3 FPS, Fantasy M
Nov 4, 2008 My Baby Boy and My Baby Girl Nintendo DS Life Simulation E
Nov 18, 2008 Legendary Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 FPS, Fantasy M
Dec 2, 2008 Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi Nintendo DS, Wii Action-Adventure E
Feb 4, 2008 Dream Pinball 3D Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS (Apr 24), Wii (Apr 24) Pinball E10+
Mar 11, 2008 Imperium Romanum Microsoft Windows RTS, Historic E10+
Jun 24, 2008 Hail to the Chimp PlayStation 3 Party E10+
Jun 24, 2008 Roogoo Microsoft Windows, Xbox Live Arcade Puzzle E
Jul 8, 2008 B-Boy PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable Rhythm/Dancing T
Jul 8, 2008 Mister Slime Nintendo DS 2D Platformer E
Aug 5, 2008 Monster Madness: Grave Danger PlayStation 3 Shoot 'Em Up T
Jan 21, 2009 Big Bang Mini Nintendo DS Shoot 'Em Up E
Nov 3, 2009 My Baby First Steps Nintendo DS, Wii Simulation E
Feb 10, 2009 X-Blades Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Hack and Slash M
Apr 30, 2009 Velvet Assassin Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 Action-Adventure, Stealth M
May 12, 2009 Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball Wii Sports E10+
Jun 16, 2009 Roogoo Attack Nintendo DS Puzzle E
Jun 30, 2009 Roogoo Twisted Towers Wii Action Puzzle E
Aug 4, 2009 Brave: A Warrior's Tale Xbox 360, Wii (Aug 11) Action-Adventure E10+
Aug 25, 2009 Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 RTS/FPS, Tactical T
Sep 1, 2009 Section 8 Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 FPS, Sci-Fi T
Sep 8, 2009 Trine Microsoft Windows Platformer, Fantasy E10+
Jan 5, 2010 Fast Food Panic Wii, Nintendo DS (Jan 26) Simulation E
Jan 1, 2010 Sled Shred Wii Sports RP
Feb 16, 2010 Crime Scene Nintendo DS Adventure M
Feb 17, 2010 Brave: Shaman's Challenge Nintendo DS Puzzle E
Mar 26, 2010 Horrid Henry: Missions of Mischief Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows, Wii Adventure E
Mar 30, 2010 Sushi Go Round Nintendo DS, Wii Simulation RP
Apr 4, 2010 Dementium II Nintendo DS FPS, Survival Horror M
May 4, 2010 (Europe) 3D Dot Game Heroes PlayStation 3 Action-Adventure, Fantasy E10+
Jan 1, 2011 Montessori Music Nintendo DS Edutainment E
Feb 25, 2011 Two Worlds II Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Role-Playing M
Oct 25, 2011 Stronghold 3 Microsoft Windows RTS T


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