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The SouthSlam Film Festival takes place each year in Austin, Texas at the same time as the SXSW Film Festival, competing to provide what its supporters consider a truer representation of independent filmmaking.


The festival was founded in 2004 by Kris Cantu and has since become a year-round organization championing emerging filmmaking talent and their new work.[1]

SouthSlam proudly supports self-governance amongst independents, and exists to deliver what filmmakers go to festivals for a chance to show their work and a launching point for their careers. SouthSlam has earned a solid reputation for premiering films by first-time writers and directors working within the creative confines of limited budgets by supporting these artists by giving them a constructive and supportive environment to screen their work to a larger audience and by presenting each submission with a unique award for its own creativity.[2] Past award winners include works by Ryan Wickerham and Alana Cash. This year's Festival event takes place in Austin Texas March 14, 2010[3]

Origins of the Festival[edit]

The SouthSlam Film Festival was created as an alternative festival to the SXSW Film Festival. The name was a play on the Slamdance Film Festival which started as an alternative festival to the Sundance Film Festival nine years prior but has grown into a well regarded festival in its own right. SouthSlam is unique in that it accepts a larger percentage of its entries than most festivals as well as music videos[4]


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