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Launched 2008
Owned by MediaOne Creative Inc.
Country  Philippines
SkyCable Channel 19 (Davao City)
Channel 21 (General Santos City)

SouthSpot is a 24-hour community cable channel that features different facets of Mindanao and its neighboring areas. It was founded on April 2008 and celebrated its first broadcast on Sky Cable Channel 13, Davao City. Its airing on Sky Cable was then changed to Channel 19 together with its expansion reaching up to General Santos City, Channel 21. Its office is located at #59-B Aala Bldg. F. Inigo St., Davao City. The network is also responsible for organizing and sponsoring some of the first and most prestigious events in Mindanao.[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

SouthSpot Shows[edit]

Current Shows
Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa.png
  • Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa
Watch as Davao City’s leaders answer the issues that concern their jurisdiction
Mim Southspot.png
  • Moments in Motion
Witness couples exchange vows and their memorable moments in the show that features different wedding videos. Another first in Mindanao television
Wow Southspot.png
  • What’s on Weekend (WOW)
Showcasing Philippines’ culture and beautiful tourist destinations with host Doc. Joel Mendez
Kapatid (title card).png
  • Kapatid
A show that gives hope and grants simple wishes from ordinary people
RL Southspot.png
  • Racing Line
Brings you to the front row seats of some prestigious races and other motoring events
Motozone Southspot.png
  • Motozone
Yamaha Philippines’s exclusive motorcycle show that features the latest happenings in the brand and its community
  • Hyundai
Features the latest news in the world of Hyundai
TsokzTV (title card).png
  • TsokzTV
A school-oriented magazine show based on General Santos City that showcases the city’s beauty and talent.
Onlocation Southspot.png
  • On Location
Features up to date information on what’s happening around town.
Previous Shows
Muzika del Sur (title card).png
  • Muzika del Sur
  • Chada
  • Talk Mindanao


"The premiere community channel of the south"

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