South (Shona Laing album)

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Studio album by Shona Laing
Released 1987/1988
Recorded Mandrill Studios, Auckland, New Zealand/Studios 301, Sydney, Australia
Genre Pop rock, new wave, synthpop
Length variable[1]
Label TVT Records/Epic Records
Producer Shona Laing/Stephen McCurdy/Graeme Myhre/Bruce Lynch
Shona Laing chronology
1905-1990 A Retrospective
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[2]
Rolling Stone 4/5 stars[3]

South is a 1987/1988 album by New Zealand musician Shona Laing and her most commercially successful release to date. It was released twice; in 1987 as a worldwide release, and again in 1988 in the United States. Laing reprised three of the tracks from her 1985 album Genre[4] ("(Glad I'm) Not a Kennedy", "The Migrant and Refugee" and "Neat and Tidy") for the U.S. release of South (only "Kennedy" was included on the international release).

Original track listing[edit]


  1. "Soviet Snow"
  2. "(Glad I'm) Not a Kennedy"
  3. "Caught"
  4. "The Bishop"
  5. "Highway Warriors"
  6. "Drive Baby Drive"
  7. "Under the Cover of Darkness"
  8. "Poles Apart"
  9. "Neutral & Nuclear Free"
  10. "Dockyard on a River"
  11. "South"
  12. "Soviet Snow" (American Remix)

All songs by Shona Laing.

U.S. track listing[edit]


  1. "Drive Baby Drive"
  2. "Caught"
  3. "Neat and Tidy"
  4. "The Migrant and Refugee"
  5. "Soviet Snow"
  6. "(Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy
  7. "Your Reputation
  8. "The Bishop"
  9. "Dockyard on a River"
  10. "Highway Warriors"
  11. "South"


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