South Africa men's national ice hockey team

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South Africa
Shirt badge/Association crest
South Africa uses their national emblem as a badge on their players jerseys.
Association South African Ice Hockey Association
General Manager Shane Marsh
Head coach Bob Mancini
Assistants Louis Melone
Ian Nel
Captain Andre Marais
Most games Alan Verwey (66)
Most points Michael Edwards (70)
IIHF ranking 40 Steady
Highest IIHF ranking 37 (2003)
Lowest IIHF ranking 42 (first in 2008)
Team colors               
South Africa national ice hockey team Home & Away Jerseys.png
First international
 Yugoslavia 12–3 South Africa 
(Lausanne, Switzerland; 3 March 1961)
Biggest win
 South Africa 33–1 Armenia 
(Mexico City, Mexico; 7 March 2005)
Biggest defeat
 Kazakhstan 32–0 South Africa 
(Bled, Slovenia; 16 March 1993)
IIHF World Championships
Appearances 18 (first in 1961)
Best result 19th (1961, 1966)
International record (W–L–T)

The South African men's national ice hockey team is the national ice hockey team of South Africa. It has been a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 25 February 1937. It was the only African-based team in the IIHF until the Namibia national inline hockey team joined in 1998. The South Africa men's team is currently ranked 40th in the IIHF World Ranking and competes in Division IIB.

World Championship record[edit]

Year City Country Result
1961 Geneva & Lausanne Switzerland 5th place in Group C (19th)
1966 Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana & SR Slovenia Yugoslavia 3rd place in Group C (19th)
1992 Johannesburg South Africa 2nd place in Group C2 (28th)
1993 Bled Slovenia 12th place in Group C (32nd)
1994 Barcelona Spain 8th place in Group C2 (35th)
1995 Johannesburg South Africa 8th place in Group C2 (37th)
1997 Ankara Turkey 1st Group E (NR)
1998 Krugersdorp South Africa 5th place in Group D (37th)
1999 Krugersdorp South Africa 5th place in Group D (37th)
2000 Iceland 4th place in Group D (37th)
2001 Majadahonda Spain 4th place in Division IIA (36th)
2002 Cape Town South Africa 5th place in Division II Group A (37th)
2003 Seoul South Korea 5th place in Division II Group A (38th)
2004 Elektrenai Lithuania 6th place in Division II Group B (40th)
2005 Mexico City Mexico Silver in Division III (42nd)
2006 Sofia Bulgaria 6th place in Division II Group A (40th)
2007 Dundalk Ireland 4th place in Division III (44th)
2008 Luxembourg City Luxembourg Silver in Division III (42nd)
2009 Sofia Bulgaria 6th in Division II Group B (40th)
2010 Yerevan Armenia Bronze in Division III Group B (44th)
2011 Cape Town South Africa Silver in Division III (42nd)
2012 Sofia Bulgaria 6th in Division II Group B (39th)
2013 Cape Town South Africa Gold in Division III (41st)
2014 Jaca Spain 5th in Division II Group B (39th)
2015 Cape Town South Africa 6th in Division II Group B (40th)


From the 2015 IIHF World Championship Division IIB

# Name Pos Date of Birth Club
11 Ashworth, IanIan Ashworth D 30 April 1987 Johannesburg Wildcats
18 Birrell, CameronCameron Birrell F 13 August 1990 Pretoria Capitals
20 Bock, AshleyAshley Bock G 20 August 1987 Johannesburg Wildcats
8 Botha, XanderXander Botha F 6 October 1994 Pretoria Capitals
23 Bremner, CallumCallum Bremner F 12 October 1994 Johannesburg Wildcats
10 Carelse, LukeLuke Carelse F 19 July 1993 Cape Town Penguins
17 de Preez, WarwickWarwick de Preez F 28 April 1992 Pretoria Capitals
22 Engelbrecht, ChristopherChristopher Engelbrecht F 15 February 1985 Johannesburg Wildcats
9 Giot, MarcMarc Giot F 23 July 1981 Cape Town Penguins
15 Gonsalves, JasonJason Gonsalves D 4 September 1992 Pretoria Capitals
7 Grebe, KeaneKeane Grebe F 19 August 1985 Cape Town Penguins
2 Krotz, WesleyWesley Krotz F 31 August 1995 Cape Town Penguins
19 Lyon, GeorgeGeorge Lyon F 14 June 1984 Pretoria Capitals
5 Magmoed, DeenDeen Magmoed D 2 May 1990 Cape Town Penguins
16 Malgas, ReelanReelan Malgas D 4 September 1995 Pretoria Ice Hawks
12 Marais, AndreAndre Marais D 13 August 1981 Pretoria Capitals
13 Nebe, CaiCai Nebe F 21 December 1992 Cape Town Storm
21 Reeves, ChrisChris Reeves D 14 May 1989 Cape Town Penguins
24 Samaai, UthmanUthman Samaai F 14 May 1993 Cape Town Penguins
1 Strydom, MarcelloMarcello Strydom G 15 September 1997 Pretoria Capitals
4 Valadas, JoaquimJoaquim Valadas F 15 January 1985 Johannesburg Wildcats
14 Watson, DavidDavid Watson D 30 April 1983 Johannesburg Wildcats

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