South African Constabulary

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Major-General Robert Baden-Powell, the first Inspector General of the South African Constabulary.

The South African Constabulary (SAC) was a para-military police force raised by the British Army during the Second Boer War. Established at the end of 1900, the SAC had been intended to take over from British troops once peace had been enforced in the Transvaal and the Orange River Colonies. However, the conflict continued for longer than had been envisaged and the SAC became involved in combat rather than policing. Two members of the SAC were awarded the Victoria Cross.[1] The first Inspector General of the force was Major-General Robert Baden-Powell who, earlier in the war, had been in command of British forces at the Siege of Mafeking.[2]

The South African Constabulary was disbanded on 2 June 1908.[1]


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