Department of Correctional Services (South Africa)

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Department of Correctional Services
Department overview
Formed 1990[1]
Jurisdiction Government of South Africa
Ministers responsible

The Department of Correctional Services is a sub-department of the South African government. It is responsible for running South Africa's prison system. The department has about 34,000 staff and is responsible for the administration of 240 prisons, which accommodates about 189,748 inmates. The prisons include minimum, medium and maximum security facilities. The political head of the department is the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, currently Michael Masutha.[2][3] The agency is headquartered in the West Block of the Poyntons Building in Pretoria.[4]

Previously a separate department, in May 2014 it was combined with the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development which was renamed the Department of Justice and Correctional Services.[5][6]

Correctional centres[edit]

The 178 prisons run by the department include:

  • 9 women-only prisons
  • 13 prisons for young offenders
  • 40 prisons for male offenders
  • 72 prisons for both male and female offenders
  • 5 prisons that are temporarily closed down or undergoing renovations

Notable prisons[edit]


  • Finance
  • Development and Care
  • Corrections
  • Central Services
  • Corporate Services
  • Operations & Management Support
  • Departmental Investigation Unit (DIU)


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