South African Naval Museum

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South African Naval Museum
SA Naval Museum 2.JPG
Location Dockyard Magazine and Storehouse, Simon's Town  South Africa
Type Naval museum

The South African Naval Museum at the South African Navy's base in Simon's Town is a project by the South African Naval Heritage Trust.[1]

The SA Navy Museum is housed in and around the original Dockyard Magazine/Storehouse and is staffed by Naval Personnel and civilian volunteers. There is no admission fee.[2]

A major exhibit of the museum's is the SAS Assegaai, a Daphné class submarine. It is the first and thus far only former SA Navy submarine to have been converted into a museum ship.[3] It is open to the public for guided tours by former submariners. The submarine is currently afloat in the Navy base, but there are plans to bring her ashore.[4]

The building was declared a Provincial Heritage Site in 1997.[5]



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