South African municipal elections, 2000

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South African municipal elections, 2000
South Africa
← 1995-96 5 December 2000 2006 →
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Party African National Congress Democratic Alliance Inkatha Freedom Party
Popular vote 59.4% 22.1% 9.1%
Percentage Increase 1.4% Increase 18.6% Increase 0.4%
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Municipal elections were held in South Africa on 5 December 2000 to elect members to the local governing councils in the municipalities of South Africa.


The popular vote, obtained by adding the ward ballots and the municipal proportional representation ballots, were as follows:[1][2]

Party %
African National Congress 59.4%
Democratic Alliance 22.1%
Inkatha Freedom Party 9.1%
United Democratic Movement 2.6%
African Christian Democratic Party 1.3%
Pan Africanist Congress of Azania 1.2%
United Christian Democratic Party 1.0%
Minority Front 0.3%
Azanian People's Organisation 0.3%
Freedom Front Plus 0.1%
Other parties 2.6%


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