South America Tennis Confederation

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For other uses of COSAT, see COSAT (disambiguation).
South America Tennis Confederation
South America Tennis Confederation official logo.png
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Member nations of South America Tennis Confederation
Sport Tennis
Jurisdiction Regional
Abbreviation (SATC)
Founded October 20, 1947 (1947-10-20)
Affiliation International Tennis Federation
Headquarters Confederación Sudamericana de Tenis
Location Avda. Providencia 2653 of.44 - Santiago de Chile
President Camilo Pérez López Moreira[1]
Other key staff Rubén Marturet (Vice-Presidents)
Edmundo Rodríguez and Edmundo Jaramillo (Directors)
Official website
South America

South America Tennis Confederation (Spanish: Confederacion Sudamericana de Tenis or COSAT) (Portuguese: Confederação Sul Americana de Tênis) is a private non-profit organization, affiliated with International Tennis Federation. It is the regional body of tennis associations of most of the nations of the South America, excluding Guyana and Suriname, which are the members of Central American & Caribbean Tennis Confederation (COTECC).[2]

Member Nations[edit]

South America Tennis Confederation affiliates ten South American nations:[3]

Country Association Headquarter
 Argentina Argentina Tennis Association Buenos Aires
 Bolivia Bolivian Tennis Federation Santa Cruz
 Brazil Brazilian Tennis Confederation Sao Paulo
 Colombia Colombian Tennis Federation Bogota
 Chile Chile Tennis Federation Santiago
 Ecuador Ecuadorian Federation of Tennis Guayaquil
 Paraguay Paraguayan Tennis Association Asuncion
 Peru Tennis Federation of Peru Lima
 Uruguay Uruguayan Association of Tennis Montevideo
 Venezuela Venezuelan Tennis Federation Caracas


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