Campeonato Sudamericano de Clubes

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Campeonato Sudamericano de Clubes
Sport Basketball
Founded 1946
Ceased 2008; 9 years ago (2008)
Continent South America
Uruguay Biguá
Most titles Brazil Sírio (8 titles)
Level on pyramid 1st tierSouth America
2nd tierSouth America
3rd tierSouth America

The Campeonato Sudamericano de Clubes (Portuguese: Campeonato Sul-Americano de Clubes, English: South American Club Championship) was an international men's professional basketball cup competition that took place between South American clubs. It was originally organized by the South American Basketball Confederation, and then later by FIBA Americas. It was played annually between the league champions in each country, plus the winner of the previous edition.


The South American Club Championship, which was founded in 1946, was the first international competition that was played between basketball clubs from South America, and it was the first-tier and most important club competition in South America until 1996, when the South American League supplanted it in importance. With the emergence of the new FIBA Americas League in December 2007, the South American Club Championship became the third-tier international club championship in South America. The competition was finally discontinued in the year 2008.


The competition was hosted in one or more cities. In the first round, the eight clubs were divided in two groups of four teams each. The two best placed teams of each group advanced to the semifinals. In the semifinals, the first placed team of a group played against the other group's runner-up. The final was contested by the semifinal winners.

List of champions[edit]


Year Host Champion Runner-up
1946 Argentina Buenos Aires Uruguay Olimpia Argentina Gimnasia y Esgrima (VdP)
1953 Chile Antofagasta Paraguay Olimpia
Brazil Flamengo
Argentina Santa Fé[1][2][3]
1956 Uruguay Montevideo Uruguay Defensor Argentina Ateneo de la Juventud
1958 Ecuador Guayaquil Uruguay Defensor Argentina San Lorenzo
1961 Paraguay Asunción Brazil Sírio Paraguay Olimpia
1964 Brazil São Paulo Brazil Corinthians Uruguay Tabaré
1967 Chile Antofagasta Chile Thomas Bata Uruguay Welcome
1968 Uruguay Montevideo Brazil Sírio Uruguay Welcome
1969 Ecuador Quito Brazil Corinthians Ecuador LDU Quito
1970 Chile Punta Arenas Brazil Sírio Uruguay Atenas
1971 Peru Arequipa Brazil Sírio Chile Sportiva Italiana
1972 Brazil São Paulo Brazil Sírio Uruguay Olimpia
1974 Uruguay Mercedes, Salto, Montevideo Brazil Franca Uruguay CA Peñarol
1975 Bolivia La Paz Brazil Franca Argentina Obras Sanitarias
1977 Argentina Corrientes, Buenos Aires Brazil Franca Brazil Palmeiras
1978 Brazil São Paulo Brazil Sírio Brazil Franca
1979 Venezuela Isla Margarita Brazil Sírio Venezuela Guaiqueríes de Margarita
1980 Colombia Cúcuta Brazil Franca Brazil Sírio
1981 Paraguay Asunción, Encarnación Argentina Ferro C. Oeste Brazil São José dos Campos
1982 Argentina Buenos Aires, Uruguay Montevideo Argentina Ferro C. Oeste Argentina Obras Sanitarias
1983 Argentina Buenos Aires, Uruguay Montevideo Uruguay Peñarol Brazil Monte Líbano
1984 Bolivia Tarija, Sucre Brazil Sírio Argentina River Plate
1985 Brazil Limeira, Jundiaí Brazil Monte Líbano Argentina San Andrés
1986 Argentina Buenos Aires Brazil Monte Líbano Argentina Ferro C. Oeste
1987 Chile Valparaíso, Santiago de Chile Argentina Ferro C. Oeste Brazil Monte Líbano
1988 Venezuela Caracas Venezuela Trotamundos Argentina Atenas
1989 Paraguay Asunción Venezuela Trotamundos Uruguay Biguá
1990 Ecuador Guayaquil Brazil Franca Ecuador San Pedro Pascual
1991 Brazil Franca Brazil Franca Argentina Atenas
1992 Uruguay Montevideo Uruguay Biguá Brazil Franca
1993 Argentina Córdoba Argentina Atenas Brazil Franca
1994 Peru Lima Argentina Atenas Argentina Olimpia (VT)
1995 Colombia Bucaramanga Brazil Rio Claro Uruguay Hebraica y Macabi
1996 Chile Concepción, Talca Argentina Independiente Brazil Rio Claro
1998 Bolivia Tarija Brazil Vasco da Gama Uruguay Welcome
1999 Brazil Rio de Janeiro Brazil Vasco da Gama Brazil Associação Bauru
2000 Venezuela Valencia Venezuela Trotamundos Brazil Vasco da Gama
2001 Venezuela Isla Margarita Venezuela Delfines de Cabimas Venezuela Espartanos de Margarita
2002 Chile Valdivia Venezuela Delfines de Miranda Chile Valdivia
2003 Venezuela Maracaibo Venezuela Delfines de Miranda Argentina Gimnasia y Esgrima (CR)
2004 Paraguay Asunción Argentina Boca Juniors Venezuela Delfines de Miranda
2005 Argentina Rafaela Argentina Boca Juniors Brazil Unitri/Uberlândia
2006 Venezuela Barquisimeto Argentina Boca Juniors Venezuela Guaros de Lara
2007 Brazil Brasília Brazil Minas Tênis Argentina Boca Juniors
2008 Ecuador Guayaquil Uruguay Biguá Argentina Libertad

Titles by club[edit]

Titles Club Years won
8 Brazil Sírio 1961, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1978, 1979, 1984
6 Brazil Franca 1974, 1975, 1977, 1980, 1990, 1991
Argentina Ferro C. Oeste 1981, 1982, 1987
Venezuela Trotamundos 1988, 1989, 2000
Venezuela Delfines de Miranda 2001, 2002, 2003
Argentina Boca Juniors 2004, 2005, 2006
Uruguay Defensor 1956, 1958
Brazil Corinthians 1964, 1969
Brazil Monte Líbano 1985, 1986
Uruguay Biguá 1992, 2008
Argentina Atenas 1993, 1994
Brazil Vasco da Gama 1998, 1999
Uruguay Olimpia 1946
Paraguay Olimpia 1953
Brazil Flamengo 1953
Argentina Santa Fé 1953
Chile Thomas Bata 1967
Uruguay Peñarol 1983
Brazil Rio Claro 1995
Argentina Independiente 1996
Brazil Minas 2007

Titles by country[edit]

Titles Country
23 Brazil Brazil
9 Argentina Argentina
6 Uruguay Uruguay
Venezuela Venezuela
1 Paraguay Paraguay
Chile Chile

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