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TriMetals Mining Inc. (formerly South American Silver Corp.)
Traded as
FounderRalph Fitch and Felipe Malbran
Key people
Ralph Fitch, President & CEO
Matias Herrero, Chief Financial Officer
Randy Moore, VP of Exploration North America
Felipe Malbran, VP of Exploration South America
David Dreisinger, VP of Metallurgy

TriMetals Mining Inc. (formerly South American Silver Corporation) is a Canadian mining company that focuses on the exploration and development[1] of properties in North America and South America. It currently owns two development-stage properties, Gold Springs and Escalones, and is pursuing international arbitration against Bolivia for the nationalization of the Malku Khota project. Gold Springs is located in the Nevada and Utah border, Malku Khota located in Bolivia[2][3][4][5] and Escalones located in Chile.[6] Malku Khota is considered one of the largest known undeveloped silver and indium[7] resources in the world.[3][8][9]


Gold Springs[edit]

The Gold Springs project is an advanced exploration stage gold and silver project located along the Nevada-Utah border in the U.S. in western Iron County, Utah, and eastern Lincoln County, Nevada, and consists of 961 unpatented lode claims, 13 patented lode claims, four State of Utah leases, and one surface real estate deed parcel and right-of-way covering a total of approximately 7,470 hectares (ha). The Gold Springs property is held by TriMetals through Gold Springs LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of High Desert Gold Corporation (“HDG”). Prior to March 17, 2014, TMI was known as South American Silver Corp., which acquired 100% ownership of HDG on December 20, 2013. HDG is now a wholly owned subsidiary of TMI.[10]

Malku Khota[edit]

The Malku Khota project is located approximately 200 kilometres north of Potosi, Bolivia. Malku Khota is one of the world's largest silver, indium and gallium resources with a NI 43-101-qualified Indicated Resource of 255 million tonnes of mineralized material containing 230.3 million ozs of silver, 1,481 tonnes of indium and 1,082 tonnes of gallium at a grade of 28.7 g/t silver, 5.8 g/t indium and 4.3 g/t gallium (43.8 g/t silver equivalent ), and an additional Inferred Resource of 230 million tonnes containing 140 million ozs of silver, 935 tonnes of indium, and 1,001 tonnes of gallium at a grade of 18.9 g/t silver, 4.1 g/t indium and 4.3 g/t gallium (33.0 g/t silver equivalent).[11]

On July 12, 2012, the Bolivian president, Evo Morales, announced the intention to revoke South American Silver's permit for the Malku Khota concession by decree.[12] and on August 1, 2012, issued Supreme Decree No.1308 nationalizing the Malku Khota project. On October 23, 2012, the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, South American Silver Limited (“SASL”), delivered a formal letter to the Bolivian government notifying it of an investment dispute between SASL and Bolivia.[13]

The oral hearing (the “Hearing”) in South American Silver Limited’s international arbitration against the Plurinational State of Bolivia (“Bolivia”) for the expropriation of the Malku Khota project, held at the World Bank’s premises in Washington, D.C., USA under the administrative authority of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, concluded, after nine hearing days, on Thursday, July 21, 2016. The oral hearing was presided over by a three-member arbitral tribunal.[14]


Escalones is a copper, silver, gold, and molybdenum porphyry and skarn prospect. The property is located 35 km east from El Teniente, the world’s largest underground copper mine, and 100 kilometers south-east of Santiago, Chile. According to a detailed Feb 2012 NI 43—101 technical report provided within South American Silver Corp.’s 2011 corporate report, Escalones possesses a newly defined Inferred Resource of 420 million tonnes of mineralized material contains 3.8 billion pounds of copper, 56.9 million pounds of molybdenum, 610,000 ounces of gold and 16.8 million ounces of silver.[15]

Company information[edit]

TriMetals Mining Inc.’s head office is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The President and CEO is Ralph Fitch. The company also has three other offices located in Denver, Bolivia, and Chile. TriMetals Mining Inc. is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the US OTCQX market .[6]

Among the company's shareholders are Zamin Precious Minerals Limited[16] and Izurium Capital.[17]


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