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The Administration Building of South Arkansas Community College in El Dorado, Arkansas
Whitfield Building

South Arkansas Community College (SouthArk) is a public community college in El Dorado, Arkansas.

South Arkansas Community College, known locally as SouthArk, is a public, comprehensive community college with an open-door policy, providing educational programs, workforce development, civic and cultural enrichment, and support services to students and residents in its service area.

Formed from a merger of the El Dorado branch of Southern Arkansas University and Oil Belt Technical College, South Arkansas Community College was approved by a 62 percent majority vote in Union County in March 1992. Then Governor Bill Clinton appointed a nine-member Board of Trustees, and all assets and liabilities of Oil Belt and SAU-El Dorado were transferred by June 30, 1992, to SouthArk. The former Oil Belt campus became known as the East Campus and the former SAU-El Dorado the West Campus.

In addition to the two campuses in El Dorado, the college also offers instruction at a location in Warren, Arkansas.


In the 2019-2020 academic year, the college began intercollegiate athletics, starting men's and women's basketball programs. The team mascot is the Stars.

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