South Asian Zoo Association for Regional Cooperation

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South Asian Zoo Association for Regional Cooperation
SAZARC 2.png
Founded August 4, 2000
Type Regional not-for-profit organization
Origins ZOO
Area served
South Asia

The South Asian Zoo Association for Regional Cooperation or (SAZARC) is an organization for South Asian zoos and aquariums. SAZARC was established on August 4, 2000 at the first meeting of South Asian Zoos, held at Central Zoo, Kathmandu, Nepal, initiated by the Zoo Outreach Organisation (ZOO). It became a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) in 2004.[1] SAZARC is considered the sister organization of the South East Asian Zoos Association (SEAZA), the only other regional association of zoos in Asia.


The following table lists the year and venue of all annual conferences of SAZARC.

Session Started Ended Host Location Additional notes
First Annual Conference August 3, 2000 August 3, 2000 Central Zoo Kathmandu, Nepal Founding members were Bangladesh,
India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.[2]
Second Annual Conference October 7, 2001 October 11, 2001 Taiping Zoo Perak, Malaysia Combined meeting with SEAZA.
10th anniversary of SEAZA.
Third Annual Conference October 6, 2002 October 11, 2002 Dhaka Zoo Dhaka, Bangladesh
Fourth Annual Conference[2] December 1, 2003 December 5, 2003 Colombo Zoo Dehiwala, Sri Lanka
Fifth Annual Conference[2] December 1, 2004 December 5, 2004 Lahore Zoo Lahore, Pakistan First time participation of Afghanistan.
SAZARC became a member of WAZA.
Sixth Annual Conference[2] December 1, 2005 December 5, 2005 Karl Kübel Institute Coimbatore, India
Seventh Annual Conference[2] September 11, 2006 September 13, 2006 Saigon Zoo Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Combined meeting with SEAZA.
15th anniversary of SEAZA.
Eighth Annual Conference[2] January 30, 2008 February 3, 2008 Kamla Nehru Zoo Ahmedabad, India
Ninth Annual Conference February 11, 2009 February 15, 2009 Colombo Zoo Dehiwala, Sri Lanka 10th anniversary of SAZARC.
Tenth Annual Conference[3] November 22, 2010 November 27, 2010 Central Zoo Kathmandu, Nepal First time participation of Bhutan.


The other logo of SAZARC
Founding members[2]
Other members


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