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The South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA) is an annual free visual arts festival in South Australia.

Held in August for 24 days, The SALA Festival includes galleries, open art studios, and non-conventional art spaces like cafes, restaurants, wineries, shops, offices public spaces. Wholly inclusive of every medium from sculpture, painting and photography through to mixed media, moving image and installations. An approximate of 500 exhibitions are held each year in regional and local venues in South Australia

SALA is a platform for artists and venues to partner and fuse new and unique pathways to expose art to the community; locally, nationally and internationally. SALA has been recognised as making a significant contribution to South Australian's reputation, image and profile as a culturally-rich place to live and visit.


The SALA Festival was established in 1998 as an initiative of the Australian Commercial Galleries Association SA Branch to promote and celebrate the many talented Visual artists in South Australia. Its aim is to extend audiences for living artists in South Australia with a continued policy of inclusiveness allowing all artists at any level and working in any medium to be part of the annual SALA Festival every August.

The SALA Festival is a not-for-profit organisation that relies on government support, private sponsorship and earned income to invest back into South Australian artists and continue its ongoing success.

SALA is supported by The Advertiser (Adelaide), Arts SA, South Australian Tourism Commission, Adelaide City Council, 891 ABC, King William Road Traders and many other loyal supporters.

Past festivals[edit]


  • 2,773 artists participated in 500 venues
  • Approximately 331,500 people visited the exhibitions


  • 3,018 artists participated in 515 venues
  • Approximately 383,614 people visited the exhibitions


  • 4,132 artists participated in 543 venues
  • Approximately 413,592 people visited the exhibitions


  • 3,543 artists participated in 524 venues

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