South Bay (Taiwan)

Coordinates: 21°57′33.9″N 120°45′48.7″E / 21.959417°N 120.763528°E / 21.959417; 120.763528
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South Bay
South Bay is located in Pingtung County
South Bay
South Bay
Coordinates: 21°57′33.9″N 120°45′48.7″E / 21.959417°N 120.763528°E / 21.959417; 120.763528
LocationHengchun, Pingtung County, Taiwan
Part ofKenting National Park
 • Length600 meters
AccessKaohsiung Station, Xinzuoying Station
South Bay
Entrance gate
Traditional Chinese南灣
Simplified Chinese南湾
Literal meaningSouth Bay
Landed humpback whale near Cape Eluanbi in 1920s

South Bay, also known by other names, is a bay and adjacent beach near Hengchun in Pingtung County, Taiwan.[1] It is part of Kenting National Park.[2]


"South Bay" is a calque of the bay's Chinese name, written 南灣 in traditional characters or 南湾 in simplified characters. It is also known as the Nanwan,[1] from the Chinese name's pronunciation in Mandarin; as Blue Bay;[citation needed] and as Gualiang or Kwa-liang Bay.[3]


The bay used to be a whaling area during the Japanese rule. It is still home to small fishing villages.


The bay is bound on the west by Cape Maobitou and on the east by Cape Eluanbi. The beach has white sand and a length of around 600 meters (2,000 ft).[4]


The area around the beach provides facilities such as changing rooms, toilets, rental and sale of swimming equipment, restaurants and parking. Common activities at the beach and its surrounding areas are swimming, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving etc.


The beach is accessible by bus from Xinzuoying and Kaohsiung Stations, run by the Taiwan Railways Administration.

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