South Bay Interchange

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South Bay Interchange
South Bay, Boston, Massachusetts
Coordinates: 42°20′46″N 71°03′36″W / 42.346°N 71.060°W / 42.346; -71.060Coordinates: 42°20′46″N 71°03′36″W / 42.346°N 71.060°W / 42.346; -71.060
Roads at

US 1

Route 3
Constructed: 1997–2003
Opened: 2003 (2003)
Maintained by: Massachusetts Department of Transportation

The South Bay Interchange is a massive interchange in the South Bay region of Boston, Massachusetts, in the US. The interchange consists of Interstate 90, the Mass Pike Extension, and the Interstate 93 concurrency with US 1 and MA 3 south of the Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Tunnel.[1]

The interchange was constructed beginning in the late 1990s as a major feature of the Big Dig project. By using a variety of methods including soil freezing and tunnel jacking to maintain adjacent subway, freight and commuter rail operations, engineers were able avoid major interruption of existing traffic flows. The name South Bay originates from the state of the area prior to nineteenth century land reclamation efforts which filled an area of marshes and brackish water that was an estuary of Boston Harbor with dirt from nearby high ground.[2]

Overlooking South Bay Interchange toward the south-southwest from One Financial Center in Boston


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