South Carolina's 2nd congressional district

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South Carolina's 2nd congressional district
South Carolina US Congressional District 2 (since 2013).tif
South Carolina's 2nd congressional district – since January 3, 2013.
U.S. RepresentativeJoe Wilson (RSpringdale, Lexington County)
Population (2000)668,668
Median income42,915
Cook PVIR+12[1]

The 2nd Congressional District of South Carolina is a congressional district in central and southwestern South Carolina. The district spans from Columbia to the South Carolina side of the Augusta, Georgia metropolitan area.

From 1993 through 2012, it included all of Lexington, Jasper, Hampton, Allendale and Barnwell counties; most of Richland and Beaufort counties and parts of Aiken, Calhoun and Orangeburg counties.

It was made more compact in the 2010 round of redistricting, and now comprises all of Lexington, Aiken and Barnwell counties, most of Richland County, and part of Orangeburg County. Besides Columbia (60 percent of which is in the district), other major cities in the district include Aiken and North Augusta.

The district's current configuration dates from 1933, following South Carolina losing a seat in apportionment as a result of the 1930 Census showing that the state's population had declined. Before that time, much of its territory had been within the 6th district.

As a Columbia-based district from 1933 to the early 1990s, it was a fairly compact district in the central part of the state, which was largely coextensive with the Columbia metropolitan area. As a result of the 1990 census, the state legislature was required to draw a black-majority district. In a deal between Republicans and Democrats, the 6th District, previously located in the northeastern portion of the state, was redefined to incorporate most of the old 2nd's black residents. To make up for the loss in population, the 2nd was pushed as far west as the fringes of the Augusta suburbs and as far south as Beaufort/Hilton Head.

Since 1965 the 2nd district has been held by the Republican Party, made up of white conservatives in the late 20th-century realignment of political parties in the South. In the decades after the Civil War and before disenfranchisement in 1895 under the new state constitution, members of the Republican Party in South Carolina and the South were mostly African Americans, including many freedmen enfranchised due to Republican support for amendments for emancipation, citizenship and the franchise. After white Democrats regained control of state governments across the South, in the late 19th century, they passed new constitutions from 1890 to 1908 to disenfranchise blacks, excluding them totally from the political process. The Republican Party was crippled in the region and nearly comatose.

As a result of the Civil Rights Movement, Congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which provided for federal enforcement of blacks' constitutional rights. That year, the 2nd district's second-term Democratic congressman, Albert Watson, resigned, then ran as a Republican in the ensuing special election and won, becoming the first Republican to represent South Carolina in the House since Reconstruction.

Watson gave up the seat to run for governor in 1970. His successor, state senator Floyd Spence, held the seat for more than 30 years. He was chairman of the House Armed Services Committee from 1995 to 2001, and died a few months after being elected to a 16th term. He was succeeded in a special election by one of his former aides, state senator Joe Wilson.

Wilson has since been reelected seven times. In the most recent election, held on November 4, 2014, Wilson earned almost 62.5% of the vote against former Democrat Phil Black and Labor Party candidate Harold Geddings. The district is more than 69% white.

List of representatives[edit]

Name Tenure Party Electoral history
Aedanus Burke.jpg Aedanus Burke March 4, 1789 –
March 3, 1791
Anti-Administration [Data unknown/missing.]
Robert Barnwell March 4, 1791 –
March 3, 1793
Pro-Administration [Data unknown/missing.]
John Hunter March 4, 1793 –
March 3, 1795
Anti-Administration [Data unknown/missing.]
Wade Hampton I.jpg Wade Hampton March 4, 1795 –
March 3, 1797
Democratic-Republican [Data unknown/missing.]
John Rutledge, Jr. March 4, 1797 –
March 3, 1803
Federalist [Data unknown/missing.]
William Butler March 4, 1803 –
March 3, 1813
Democratic-Republican Redistricted from the 5th district
William Lowndes (South Carolina Congressman).jpg William Lowndes March 4, 1813 –
May 8, 1822
Democratic-Republican Redistricted from the 4th district

James Hamilton, Jr.jpg James Hamilton, Jr. December 13, 1822 –
March 3, 1823
Democratic-Republican [Data unknown/missing.]
March 4, 1823 –
March 3, 1825
Jacksonian Democratic-Republican
March 4, 1825 –
March 3, 1829
RWBarnwell.jpg Robert W. Barnwell March 4, 1829 –
March 3, 1831
Jackson [Data unknown/missing.]
March 4, 1831 –
March 3, 1833
William J. Grayson portrat, 1907.jpg William J. Grayson March 4, 1833 –
March 3, 1837
Nullifier [Data unknown/missing.]
Robert Barnwell Rhett.jpg Robert Rhett March 4, 1837 –
March 3, 1843
Democratic Redistricted to the 7th district
Richard F. Simpson March 4, 1843 –
March 3, 1849
Democratic [Data unknown/missing.]
James Lawrence Orr - Brady-Handy.jpg James L. Orr March 4, 1849 –
March 3, 1853
Democratic Redistricted to the 5th district
William Aiken.jpg William Aiken, Jr. March 4, 1853 –
March 3, 1857
Democratic Redistricted from the 6th district
William Porcher Miles - Brady-Handy.jpg William P. Miles March 4, 1857 –
December 24, 1860
Democratic Retired
Civil War
Occupation and Reconstruction
December 24, 1860 –
July 20, 1868
ChristopherCBowen.jpg Christopher C. Bowen July 20, 1868 –
March 3, 1871
Republican [Data unknown/missing.]
Robert C. DeLarge - Brady-Handy.jpg Robert C. De Large March 4, 1871 –
January 24, 1873
Republican Seat declared vacant
Alonzo J. Ransier - Brady-Handy.jpg Alonzo J. Ransier March 4, 1873 –
March 3, 1875
Republican [Data unknown/missing.]
Edmund William McGregor Mackey - Brady-Handy.jpg Edmund W.M. Mackey March 4, 1875 –
July 19, 1876
Independent Republican Seat declared vacant
Charles W. Buttz November 7, 1876 –
March 3, 1877
Republican [Data unknown/missing.]
Richard Harvey Cain.jpg Richard H. Cain March 4, 1877 –
March 3, 1879
Republican [Data unknown/missing.]
Michael P. O'Connor (South Carolina Congressman).jpg Michael P. O'Connor March 4, 1879 –
March 3, 1881
Democratic contested election at end of term
Samuel Dibble.jpg Samuel Dibble June 9, 1881 –
May 31, 1882
Democratic lost contested election
Edmund William McGregor Mackey - Brady-Handy.jpg Edmund W.M. Mackey May 31, 1882 –
March 3, 1883
Republican Redistricted to the 7th district
GeorgeDTillman.jpg George D. Tillman March 4, 1883 –
March 3, 1893
Democratic [Data unknown/missing.]
William Jasper Talbert.jpg W. Jasper Talbert March 4, 1893 –
March 3, 1903
Democratic [Data unknown/missing.]
GeorgeWCroft.jpg George W. Croft March 4, 1903 –
March 10, 1904
Democratic Died
Theodore G. Croft May 17, 1904 –
March 3, 1905
Democratic [Data unknown/missing.]
James O'H. Patterson (South Carolina Congressman).png James O'H. Patterson March 4, 1905 –
March 3, 1911
Democratic [Data unknown/missing.]
James F. Byrnes cph.3c32232.jpg James F. Byrnes March 4, 1911 –
March 3, 1925
Democratic [Data unknown/missing.]
Butler B. Hare - LOC.jpg Butler B. Hare March 4, 1925 –
March 3, 1933
Democratic [Data unknown/missing.]
HamptonPFulmer.jpg Hampton Fulmer March 4, 1933 –
October 19, 1944
Democratic Redistricted from the 7th district
WillaLFulmer.jpg Willa L. Fulmer November 7, 1944 –
January 3, 1945
Democratic [Data unknown/missing.]
John J. Riley (South Carolina Congressman).jpg John J. Riley January 3, 1945 –
January 3, 1949
Democratic [Data unknown/missing.]
Hugo D. Sims (South Carolina Congressman).jpg Hugo S. Sims, Jr. January 3, 1949 –
January 3, 1951
Democratic [Data unknown/missing.]
John J. Riley (South Carolina Congressman).jpg John J. Riley January 3, 1951 –
January 1, 1962
Democratic Died
Corinne Boyd Riley.jpg Corinne Boyd Riley April 10, 1962 –
January 3, 1963
Democratic [Data unknown/missing.]
Albert W. Watson.jpg Albert Watson January 3, 1963 –
February 1, 1965
Democratic Resigned
June 15, 1965 –
January 3, 1971
Republican Re-elected to finish his term as a Republican
Congressman Floyd Spence 1976.jpg Floyd Spence January 3, 1971 –
August 16, 2001
Republican Died
Joe Wilson official congressional photo.jpg Joe Wilson December 18, 2001 –
Republican First elected to finish Spence's term
Name Tenure Party Electoral history

Historical district boundaries[edit]

1995 - 2013[2]

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