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South Carolina Highway 4 marker

South Carolina Highway 4
Route information
Maintained by SCDOT
Length: 54.2 mi[1] (87.2 km)
Major junctions
West end: US 78 southeast of Aiken
US 78 Truck / SC 118 / SC 302 southeast of Aiken
SC 302 / SC 394 west of Salley

SC 3 Bus. / SC 39 in Springfield
SC 3 / SC 332 east of Springfield
US 321 in Neeses
SC 400 west of Edisto

US 301 / US 601 / US 601 Truck / SC 33 in Orangeburg
East end:
US 21 / US 178 / US 178 Bus. in Orangeburg
Counties: Aiken, Orangeburg
Highway system
  • South Carolina Highways
SC 3 SC 5

South Carolina Highway 4 (SC 4) is a 54.2-mile-long (87.2 km) state highway in the southern part of the U.S. state of South Carolina. The highway connects Aiken and Orangeburg, via Springfield and Neeses.

Route description[edit]

Aiken County[edit]

SC 4 begins at an intersection with U.S. Route 78 (US 78; Charleston Highway) southeast of Aiken. The route travels to the east-northeast and intersects US 78 Truck/SC 118/SC 302 (Rudy Mason Parkway). SC 4 and SC 302 form an approximately 12-mile-long (19 km) concurrency. They curve to the northeast and cross Shaw Creek. They curve to the east-southeast and curve back to the northeast before crossing the South Fork Edisto River and Cedar Creek. The two highways curve to the southeast and split north of Aiken State Park. SC 4 crosses over Burcalo Creek and then intersects SC 394 (Salley Road). It curves to the east-southeast and passes north of the Aiken Gopher Tortoise Heritage Preserve/Wildlife Management Area. It curves to the east-northeast and enters Orangeburg County.[1]

Orangeburg County[edit]

SC 4 curves to the east-southeast and crosses Dean Swamp Creek. It curves to the southeast and enters Springfield. Right after entering the city limits, it curves to the south-southeast. It turns left onto SC 39 (Springfield Road). The two highways travel concurrently to the northeast for one block. One more block after that, it begins a concurrency with SC 3 Bus. They split three blocks later, with SC 4 heading south-southeast. It curves to the east-southeast and leaves Springfield. The highway immediately intersects SC 3 (Capital Way). It heads to the east and crosses Goodland Creek. It begins curving to the northeast and intersects SC 332 (Norway Road). The highway passes Rocky Swamp Cemetery and crosses Rocky Swamp Creek. It curves to the east-southeast and crosses Bolen Mill Creek before heading back to the northeast. It begins to curve to the east-southeast and enters Neeses. In Neeses, the route intersects US 321 (Savannah Highway). It heads east and passes Hickory Hill Cemetery, Pine Hill Cemetery, and Double Branch Cemetery before curving to the east-southeast. The highway crosses over Great Branch and curves to the southeast. Then, it crosses over Fourmile Creek and intersects the eastern terminus of SC 400 (Norway Road). SC 4 enters Edisto and curves to the east-southeast. It intersects US 301/US 601. The three highway travel concurrently to the east-northeast. They cross over the North Fork Edisto River, where they leave Edisto and enter Orangeburg. Immediately, they intersect the southern terminus of SC 33 (Russell Street). The concurrency intersects US 601 Truck. Here, SC 4 travels to the south-southeast, concurrent with US 601 Truck. They cross over some railroad tracks and pass by Southern Methodist College. The road curves around to the east-northeast and an intersection with US 21 and US 21 Business. US 21 joins the concurrency for one block until an intersection with US 178 and US 178 Business, where SC 4 meets its eastern terminus, and US 21/US 178/US 601 Truck continue on through the city.[1]


Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Aiken Aiken 0.0 0.0 US 78 west (Richland Avenue East) – Augusta, Georgia Western terminus; western end of US 78 concurrency
0.2 0.32 US 78 east (Charleston Highway) – Williston Eastern end of US 78 concurrency
0.4 0.64 SC 118 (Rudy Mason parkway) / SC 302 south – Jackson Western end of SC 302 concurrency
13.1 21.1 SC 302 north (Wagener Road) – Wagener Eastern end of SC 302 concurrency
13.7 22.0 SC 394 east (Salley Road) – Salley
Orangeburg Springfield 26.5 42.6 SC 39 south (Springfield Road) – Williston Western end of SC 39 concurrency
26.6 42.8 SC 39 north (Festival Trail Road) – Salley Eastern end of SC 39 concurrency
26.6 42.8
SC 3 Bus. south (Railroad Avenue) – Blackville
Western end of SC 3 Business concurrency
26.9 43.3
SC 3 Bus. north (Springfield Road)
Eastern end of SC 3 Business concurrency
27.7 44.6 SC 3 (Capital Way) – Blackville
29.2 47.0 SC 332 east (Norway Road) – Norway Western teminus of SC 332
Neeses 36.6 58.9 US 321 (Savannah Highway) – Denmark, Columbia
49.0 78.9 SC 400 west (Norway Road) – Norway Eastern terminus of SC 400
Edisto 50.2 80.8 US 301 south / US 601 south (Bamberg Road) Western end of US 301/US 601 concurrency
Orangeburg 52.1 83.8 SC 33 north (Russell Street) – Cameron Southern terminus of SC 33
52.2 84.0
US 301 north / US 601 north (Old Edisto Drive) / US 601 Truck north
Eastern end of US 301/US 601 concurrency; western end of US 601 Truck concurrency
54.1 87.1
US 21 south (Rowesville Road) / US 21 Bus. north (Rowesville Road) – Branchville
Southern terminus of US 21 Business; eastern end of US 21 concurrency
54.2 87.2
US 21 north (Joe S. Jeffords Highway) / US 178 / US 178 Bus. west (Charleston Highway) / US 601 Truck north
Eastern terminus; eastern end of US 21/US 601 Truck concurrency; eastern terminus of US 178 Business
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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