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The South Central Conference in Indiana. Counties in red contained schools at the time of disbanding, counties in pink contained former member schools who left before conference folded.

The South Central Conference was an IHSAA-sanctioned conference from 1936 to 1997.[1] The conference began as a collection of schools in mid-sized and large cities in South Central and Southeast Indiana, expanding into both Indianapolis (Washington and Southport) and far Southern Indiana (Jeffersonville). The conference had been as big as 10 in the 1950s, but was down to six schools in the 1980s. With Connersville and Rushville leaving in the advent of class basketball, being replaced by Bloomington North and Center Grove, the conference had shifted to a small conference of large schools. As class basketball was set to be introduced in the 1997-98 school year, the South Central and Central Suburban conferences, as well as large independent schools, decided to reorganize, giving way to Conference Indiana and the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference.


School Location Mascot Colors # / County Year Joined Previous Conference Year Left Conference joined
Columbus Columbus Bulldogs           03
1936 independent 1972 none (split into North and East)
Connersville Connersville Spartans           21
1936 Independent 1991 Olympic
Franklin Franklin Grizzly Cubs           41
1936 independent 1981 Mid-State
Greensburg Greensburg Pirates           16
1936 independent 1978 Eastern Indiana
Martinsville Martinsville Artesians                55
1936 independent 1997 Indiana
Rushville Rushville Lions                70
1936 independent 1995 Hoosier Heritage
Indianapolis Continentals           49
1937 Indianapolis 1941 Indianapolis
Seymour1 Seymour Owls           36
1941 independent 1997 Hoosier Hills
Southport Indianapolis Cardinals           49
1951 independent 1963 independent
Jeffersonville Jeffersonville Red Devils           10
1957 independent 1981 Hoosier Hills
Bloomington Bloomington Panthers                53
1964 Southern Indiana 1972 none (split into North and South)
Bloomington South Bloomington Panthers                53
1972 none (split from Bloomington) 1997 Indiana
Columbus North Columbus Bulldogs           03
1972 none (split from Columbus) 1997 Indiana
Greenwood Trojans           Johnson 1991 Central Suburban 1997 Metropolitan
Bloomington North Bloomington Cougars                53
1993 Hoosier Hills 1997 Indiana
  1. Known as Shields High School until 1959.

Membership timeline[edit]

Bloomington High School North Center Grove High School Columbus North High School Bloomington High School South Bloomington High School South Jeffersonville High School Southport High School Seymour High School (Indiana) George Washington Community High School Rushville Consolidated High School Martinsville High School (Indiana) Greensburg High School Franklin Community High School Connersville High School (Indiana) Columbus North High School


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