South Cheektowaga Baseball Association

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South Cheektowaga Baseball Association
Sport Baseball, Teeball
Founded 1978
No. of teams Over 65
Official website SCBA Website

South Cheektowaga Baseball Association (SCBA) is located in Cheektowaga, New York. SCBA is one of Western New York's largest youth sports organizations. Each year, about 600 boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 19 participate on over 65 teams in our Teeball and Baseball programs.

Travel Teams[edit]

SCBA fields boys' tournament/travel teams for ages 8 through 18. Tournament/travel teams involve competition with other organizations inside and outside of Western New York and may involve some out-of-state travel. Additional expenses are also incurred as a result of participation on a tournament/travel team. Tournament/travel team selection takes place throughout the year and is finalized in June, just prior to the start of competition. Selection is based on the regular season play and superior abilities shown by each of the participants. Actual competition occurs in July and August.


SCBA rules require that all children who actively participate in team practices and regularly attend league games are allowed to participate.

Team managers are required to have each child be in the regular batting order every game (all children will get a chance to hit) and participate defensively in at least half of the games' defensive innings (all children will given the opportunity to play in the field).

Parents of first-time participants usually find this rule to be the most different from what they normally expect in a typical baseball game. The team batting order will consist of all of the team members, not just the 9 or 10 defensive players. Team managers are also allowed to freely substitute defensive players at any time. All participants have to play a defensive position every other inning. This insures that all participants will play at least half of the defensive innings and bat several times over the course of a game, regardless of ability.