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South China Normal University
South China Normal University logo.png
Motto in English
Foster the spirit of working hard;
Pursue studies with utmost rigour;
Seek truth from facts to blaze new trails;
And be a model of virtue for others.
TypePublic university
Location, ,
South China Normal University
Traditional Chinese華南師範大學
Simplified Chinese华南师范大学
Administration Building

South China Normal University (SCNU; Chinese: 华南师范大学) is a comprehensive university of Project 211 in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, in the People's Republic of China.[1][2] It is a Chinese Ministry of Education Double First Class Discipline University, with Double First Class status in certain disciplines.[3] The university is featured distinctively by both teaching and research, consisting of diverse branches of learning such as philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, technology, and management. There is also an elementary school in this university.[4]


University Timeline[5]
Date Name
(1933.8) Teacher's College of Xiangqin University
(1935.3) Education College of Xiangqin University
(1938.9) Guangdong Provincial College of Education
(1939.9) Guangdong Provincial College of Arts & Science
(1950.10) Guangdong College of Arts & Science
(1951.6) Teachers' College of Sun Yet-sen University
(1951.10) South China Teacher's College
(1970.10) Guangdong Teacher's College
(1977.11) South China Teacher's College
(1982.10) South China Normal University

Location and campus[edit]

The university has three campuses:

  • Main campus (Shipai campus), Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong
  • HEMC (Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center) campus, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong
  • Nanhai campus, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong


South China Normal University (SCNU) was found in 1933, before which it is named Guangdong Provincial Teacher's College of Xiangqin University. It became a member of “Project 211”in 1996, then it is constructed and supported by People's Government and Ministry of Education in Guangdong Province in 2015. In 2017, SCNU becomes a member of the country "World-Class Subject" construction plan. South China Normal University provides a variety of branches of learning, including philosophy, economic, law, education, literature, history, science, technology, agriculture, medical, management, art.

South China Normal University has more than 30 schools and colleges, and offers 84 undergraduate programs, over 200 graduate programs, and over 100 doctoral programs. In 2017, there were 24,894 undergraduates, 7553 postgraduates and 842 doctoral candidates. There were also on campus approximately 1019 long-term international students from more than 100 countries every year.[7]

The university has a group of highly qualified experts, professors and teachers. Now it has 1979 full-time teachers in normal university, among which more than a half of them are postgraduates' tutors and doctoral supervisor. At present, SCNU has dozens of State Key Laboratory and engineering research centers.

The current president is Dr. Wang Enke.[8]


Schools and Departments[9][edit]

Shipai Campus[edit]

  • School of Education
  • School of Politics & Administration
  • School of Marxism
  • School of History & Culture
  • School of Foreign Studies
  • School of Special Education
  • College of International Culture
  • School of Fine Arts
  • School of Tourism Management
  • School of Information Technology in Education
  • School of Mathematical Sciences
  • School of Life Sciences
  • School of Geography
  • School of Computer
  • School of Psychology
  • College of Continuing Education
  • School of Internet Education
  • Phoenix International School
  • Institute of Optoelectronic Materials and Technology
  • College of Biophotonics
  • School of Professional Development and Research on Primary and Secondary Education
  • Institute for Brain Research and Rehabilitation
  • South China Research Center for Applied Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Studies

HEMC Campus[edit]

  • School of Literature
  • School of Economics& Management
  • School of Law
  • School of Public Administration
  • School of physical education & sports science
  • School of Music
  • School of Physics and Telecommunications Engineering
  • School of Chemistry and Environment
  • School of Information and Optoelectronic Science and Engineering
  • South China Academy of Advanced Optoelectronics
  • Academy of Environment
  • School of Entrepreneurship

Nanhai Campus[edit]

  • School of Urban Culture
  • International Business College
  • School of Software
  • College of Vocational and Technical Education
  • College of Nanhai

Teaching and Auxiliary Departments[edit]

  • Network Center
  • Research Resources Center
  • Journal of South China Normal University
  • Archives of SCNU
  • Libraries of SCNU
  • Center of Teachers’ Learning and Development
  • Center of Education and Development

Affiliated Departments[edit]

  • South China Normal University Hospital
  • The Affiliated Kindergarten of South China Normal University
  • The Affiliated High School of SCNU
  • The Affiliated Primary School of SCNU

South China university libraries[10][11][edit]

There are 3 multi-functional libraries on three campuses with more than 3.74 million books.

  • Shipai campus:

Built up in 1998, Shipai campus library has an area of 29 thousand square meter. It conserves about 1.83 million books and provides about 1700reading seats.

  • HEMC campus:

Built up in 2004, HEMC campus library has an area of 39 thousand square meter. It conserves about 1.12 million books and provides about 1800reading seats.

  • Nanhai campus:

Built up in 2002, Nanhai campus library has an area of 14 thousand square meter. It conserves about 0.61 million books and provides about 1100reading seats.

Student Life[edit]

Student associations[12][edit]

South China University has more than 120 student associations covering five domains: theory and study, society and practice, academic and science technology, entertainment and sport, interest and hobby. To name a few: Student Association of English, Student Association of Psychology, Student Association of Huayun Han Chinese Clothing, Literature Association of Hai Pengzi, Martial Art Association, Guitar Association, etc.


Shipai Campus[edit]

  • Tao Yuan(In Chinese:陶园)
  • Yong Yuan(In Chinese:雍园)
  • Qin Yuan(In Chinese:沁园)

HEMC Campus[edit]

  • Han Yuan(In Chinese:翰园)
  • Nan Yuan(In Chinese:楠园)

Nanhai Campus[edit]

  • Xi Yuan(In Chinese:熹园)(It was changed its name into Xi Yuan in 2017)


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