South County High School (Fairfax County, Virginia)

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Coordinates: 38°43′02″N 77°14′19″W / 38.71722°N 77.23861°W / 38.71722; -77.23861

South County High School (SCHS)
South County High School (SCHS) is located in Northern Virginia
South County High School (SCHS)
South County High School (SCHS)
South County High School (SCHS) is located in Virginia
South County High School (SCHS)
South County High School (SCHS)
South County High School (SCHS) is located in the US
South County High School (SCHS)
South County High School (SCHS)
8501 Silverbrook Road
Lorton, Virginia 22079
School type Public, High school
Motto “Excellentia in Omni Conatu” (Excellence in All Endeavors)
Founded 2005
School district Fairfax County Public Schools
Principal Dr. Matthew J. Ragone
Staff Approximately 209
Grades 9–12
Enrollment 2,122 (2015-16)
Language English
Campus Suburban
Color(s) Navy blue, forest green, and silver
Feeder schools South County Middle School
Rival schools Hayfield Secondary School
West Springfield High School
Lake Braddock Secondary School

South County High School is a high school in Lorton,[1] unincorporated Fairfax County, Virginia, United States, part of the Fairfax County Public Schools system, opened in September 2005. The school mascot is Stanley the Stallion or more commonly called Stan, and school colors are forest green, navy blue, and silver. Common nicknames include "SoCo", "SCHS", and "South County".

History of South County[edit]

In 2005 South County became the first secondary school to open in Fairfax County in 32 years. The school was built over the grounds of what used to be DC Department of Corrections facility at Lorton. The school was originally meant to be a secondary school, but with the construction of South County Middle School next to it, the school no longer served grades seven and eight, but only 9-12.

Current status[edit]

South County High School is designated to serve grades 9–12. In order to prevent disruption in students' senior years, 2005–06 seniors were allowed to remain at Hayfield, Lake Braddock Secondary School, Lee High School, or any other secondary school they were currently enrolled in to finish their secondary education and maintain continuity during the college application process. South County unofficially has a rivalry with Hayfield, West Springfield, and Lake Braddock, which are other Fairfax County public schools. South County's main building has the same layout and was modeled after Westfield High School's building.[citation needed]


The current Principal of South County High School is Matt Ragone. He is responsible for County, Region, Pyramid Liaison. He is also responsible in the High School Principal’s Association (HSPA), Community Relations (PTSO), and School Improvement Plan (SIP). The assistant principals are: Michael Pflugrath, Paula DiSalvo, Jeremiah Caven, Kaaren Lowder, Carol Henry, and Leah Conte.[citation needed]


In the 2015-16 school year South County High School's student body was: 50.94% Male, 49.06% Female. It was 45.55% White, 19.42% Asian, 17.50% African American, 11.28% Hispanic, and 6.26% other.[2]

School Safety Report Card[edit]

Offenses 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
Alcohol, Tobacco, And Other Drug Offenses 17 9 14
Disorderly Or Disruptive Behavior Offenses 25 11 17
Offenses Against Staff 1 1 0
Offenses Against Student 9 4 3
Other Offenses Against Persons 25 17 9
Property Offenses 3 3 1
Technology Offenses 0 0 0
Weapons Offenses 3 0 0
All Other Offenses 3 2 1

[citation needed]

South County Education[edit]

South County (as of December 2015) has a School Staffing Full-Time Equivalent Total of 202.8. The school has 2,229 Computers as of December 2015. The accreditation rates in the 2015-2016 (based on 2014-2015 testing) were: 93 for English, 95 for History, 89 for Math, and 89 for Science.[3]

Grading Scale[edit]

South County uses the FCPS grading scale, which has been implemented by the county since 2009.

Letter Numerical Range Quality Points
A 93 - 100 4.0
A- 90 - 92 3.7
B+ 87 - 89 3.3
B 83 - 86 3.0
B- 80 - 82 2.7
C+ 77 - 79 2.3
C 73 - 76 2.0
C- 70 - 72 1.7
D+ 67 - 69 1.3
D 64 - 66 1.0
F 0 - 63 0.0

Academic programs[edit]

SCHS has the following FCPS Programs:

Advanced Placement (AP)[edit]

SoCo offers Advanced Placement programs for students who are highly motivated in their education. These courses are:

Calculus AB English Language AP Seminar
Computer Science AB English Literature Japanese
Calculus BC Macroeconomics Physics
Chemistry Microeconomics Psychology
Computer Science A Music Theory Spanish
Art: 3D Design Environmental Science Statistics
Art: Studio Art French U.S. History
Biology Government World History

South County Athletics[edit]

Fall Sports[edit]

South County High School has two cheer teams, Junior Varsity Cheerleading, and Varsity Cheerleading. SoCo has girls JV Field Hockey, as well as Girls Varsity Field Hockey. SCHS has three football teams like most high-schools: Freshmen Football, Junior Varsity Football, and Varsity Football. Volleyball has its place in South County as well; the school offers Girls Freshmen Volleyball, Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball, and Varsity Volleyball. The school also a Cross-Country team and a golf team. The school also offers Marching Band.

Varsity Football[edit]

South County's Varsity Football team is highly skilled and has gone to the playoffs many times including a state championship appearance in 2011 when they lost to Phoebus 20-10. In their 2015 season, the Stallions made it to state semi-finals losing to Westfield 40-8. The Stallions were defeated during the playoff portions of their 2015 and 2016 seasons by Westfield.

Winter Sports[edit]

During the winter the main sport at SoCo is Basketball, having six teams which are: Boys Freshmen Basketball, Boys Junior Varsity Basketball, Boys Varsity Basketball, Girls Freshmen Basketball, Girls Junior Varsity Basketball, and Girls Varsity Basketball. The school also has teams for Girls Varsity Gymnastics, Indoor Track, Swim and Dive, and Wrestling. In the Winter, students may participate in the Indoor Drumline as well as the Indoor Colorguard. The Boys basketball team won the 2018 VHSL 6A State Championship with a 63-47 victory over Western Branch.

Spring Sports[edit]

South County has teams for Baseball, Lacrosse, Crew, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, and Track. The baseball teams are: Junior Varsity and Varsity Baseball. The Lacrosse teams are: Boys Junior Varsity, Boys Varsity, Girls Junior Varsity, and Girls Varsity. The Crew teams are: Boys Junior Varsity, Boys Varsity, Girls Junior Varsity, and Girls Varsity. Soccer also has 4 teams, which are Boys Junior Varsity, Boys Varsity, Girls Junior Varsity, and Girls Varsity. The Softball teams are Girls Junior Varsity, and Girls Varsity, and the tennis teams are Boys Varsity and Girls Varsity tennis.

Other Sports[edit]

South County also has courses in Dance and in Sports Medicine.

South County After School Programs[edit]

South County High School offers many different clubs and after school programs


Clubs and Sponsors
ACT Prep Club Tom Demharter
Band Kevin Engdahl
Bhangra Team
Black Student Union Leslie Lewis, Michelle Arnold and Deborah Hicks Johnson
Business Honor Society Danielle Rutherford and Tasha Wearren
Book Club Emily Strong
Chorus Antonio Rodriguez
Chess Club Ian Chiprut
Computer Science Club Terri Cubeta
Club Emerge Janet Edgington
College Partnership Program Leslie Lewis
Crew Club Colin Farrell
Dance Team Wendy Alexander and Markeith Scott
DECA Sarah Hinkhouse, Vera Woodson and Kellen Scott.
Drama Molly Rumberger
Economics Tom Demharter
eSports Danny Southard and Caroline Bruss
Family, Career & Community Leaders of America ( FCCLA) David Long Jane Byrum
FCA Danielle Rutherford
French Honor Society Albert Ament
Future Business Leaders of America Danielle Rutherford and Tasha Wearren
Investment Club Marilyn Porter
International Thespian Society Kathie McCormally
Japanese Club Nichole Tsuruta
Key Club Megan Pitts and Kaitlyn Wischum
Korean Student Association Cristina Procaccino
Latin Club Cristina Procaccino
Literary magazine ( Xanthus) Troy Ketch
Manga Advisory Congress Gannon Sugimura
Math Honor Society ( Mu Alpha Theta) Danny Southard
Math Team Sharon Hicks and Danny Southard
Model United Nations Alyssa Pyrak
Model Judiciary Kathleen Landrum
Muslim Student Association Alyssa Pyrak
Minority Achievement Club ( MAC) Ms. Woodson
National Art Honor Society Justyne Fischer
National English Honor Society Samantha Ballard
National French Honor Society Albert Ament
National Honor Society Kristina Brody
National Latin Honor Society M.C. Moshos
National Spanish Honor Society Janet Beckmann
Newspaper ( Courier) Carol Floto
Orchestra Latoya Lamons
Partners Club Walter Bagwell, Karen Katzberg, Angela Bashore, and Laura Delrieu
Philosophy Club
Psychology Club Sara Jean Blanc
Quill and Scroll Honor Society Carol Floto and Leana Jensen
‘Rho Kappa National Soc. Studies Honor Society Karen Murphy
Sexuality and Gender AcceptanceSAGA Cristina Procaccino and Deborah Smith
Scholastic Bowl Eric Greiling and Charles LeFebure
Science National Honor Society Mary Engels
SBS News 11 Dan Deiter
SoCO Eco Club Liz Harrison
Stallions for Serviceman Robbie Smith
Stallions Stop the Hate Becky Freeman
Social Group- NEASONS Heather Frost
TSSC- Technology Social Skills Club Karen Katzberg
Teenage Republicans Thomas Demharter
Tri-M Music Honor Society Mike Ward
TSA Abdel Ebrahim and Safwat Hanna
Yearbook ( Lock and Key) Leana Jensen
Young Democrats Karen Murphy, Kathy Landrum
Young Feminists Club Jennifer Delinski
Young Republicans Thomas Demharter
Young Life Breakfast Club Meryl Cox

Notable alumni[edit]


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