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Highway 11 marker

Highway 11
Route of SD 11 (in red)
Route information
Defined by SDCL §31-4-131
Maintained by SDDOT
Length: 81.707 mi[1] (131.495 km)
Existed: 1929 – present
Southern segment
Length: 5.046 mi (8.121 km)
South end: I-29 Bus. in Elk Point
North end: SD 50 near Richland
Northern segment
Length: 76.661 mi (123.374 km)
South end: SD 48 in Union County
US 18 near Canton
I-90 in Brandon
North end: MN 269 near Sherman
Counties: Union, Lincoln, Minnehaha, Moody
Highway system
  • South Dakota Highways
SD 10 SD 12

South Dakota Highway 11 (SD 11) is a state route in southeast South Dakota. It is split into two segments. The shorter of these segments begins at I-29 Bus. in Elk Point and runs north to an intersection with SD 50, and is approximately five miles (8.0 km) long. The longer segment begins at an intersection with SD 48 and runs northerly through Sioux Falls to the Minnesota state line north of Sherman where it continues east as Minnesota State Highway 269. This segment is about 77 miles (124 km) in length.

In total, the SD 11 designation spans just under 82 miles (132 km).

Route description[edit]

SD 11 is defined by South Dakota Codified Law §31-4-131.[2] According to this statute, the segment of the road between SD 48 and SD 50 is currently not a portion of the highway. The segment of the highway in Sioux Falls from 85th Street through the concurrency with SD 42, as well as the segment from the Madison Street intersection to the interchange with I-90, are included in the National Highway System,[3] a system of highways important to the nation's defense, economy, and mobility.[4]

Southern segment[edit]

The southern segment of SD 11 begins at the corner of I-29 Bus. and Franklin Street in Elk Point. The route turns west onto Rose Street. The highway then curves to the north, leaving the city of Elk Point and ending at an intersection with SD 50.[5]

Northern segment[edit]

The northern segment of SD 11 begins at the intersection of 479th Avenue and SD 48 and travels north through mainly rural portions of northern Union County. Continuing north, the highway passes through the small community of Alcester. Four miles north of Alcester, SD 11 intersects SD 46, a highway that runs along the Union-Lincoln county line. The route heads farther north for roughly fifteen miles through rural Lincoln County, running parallel to, and about eight miles east of Interstate 29. The highway turns west and begins a concurrency with US 18 west of Canton. The concurrency runs west for one mile before SD 11 branches north and US 18 continues west.[6]

SD 11 intersects Holly Boulevard and Sylvan Circle in Brandon

Nine miles north of the concurrency with US 18, the highway intersects Lincoln County Highway 110. This road leads to Harrisburg and Tea, two southern suburbs of Sioux Falls. Three miles north of this intersection, the highway crosses 85th Street and enters Sioux Falls. Two miles north of 85th Street, the highway crosses 57th Street and enters Minnehaha County. SD 11 traverses both urban and rural portions of Sioux Falls on the eastern extremities of the city. Inside the city limits, the highway is known as Powder House Road. At its intersection with 10th Street SD 11 turns east and begins a concurrency with SD 42.

The highway travels east for roughly three miles, before SD 11 branches north for five miles and enters Brandon, the largest suburb of Sioux Falls. The highway is known as Splitrock Boulevard in Brandon and runs for about two miles in the city limits before sharing an interchange with Interstate 90. Just north of the interchange is the unincorporated community of Corson.[6]

After passing through Corson, SD 11 heads north for six miles, then heads east for three miles and intersects 485th Avenue, a short road that leads to Palisades State Park. Immediately north of this intersection, the highway enters Garretson. In northern Garretson, the route runs just west of Devil's Gulch. About nine miles north of Garretson the highway curves northeast for a mile, then east along the Minnehaha-Moody county line. The highway runs east for three miles before entering Minnesota just west of Jasper, Minnesota and becoming Minnesota State Highway 269.[6]


When designated in the 1929, South Dakota 11 began at U.S. Highway 16 near Brandon, and continued north via Sherman (but bypassing Garretson) to Minnesota; a second segment began at South Dakota Highway 34 near Flandreau, running north to U.S. Highway 14 west of Elkton. This northern segment became South Dakota Highway 13 around 1935. A rerouting in the early 1940s brought SD 11 through Garretson.

Around 1960, SD 11 was brought into the east side of Sioux Falls, then extended southward to U.S. Highway 18 west of Canton. Around 1970, the extension southward to Elk Point was in place.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Union Elk Point 0.000 0.000 I-29 Bus. (Main Street)
Richland 5.046 8.121 SD 50 – Richland, Junction City
Gap in route
Union 5.046 8.121 SD 48 – Spink, Akron, IA
county line
21.099 33.956 SD 46 – Beresford
Lincoln 36.115 58.121 US 18 east – Canton South end of US 18 concurrency
37.110 59.723 US 18 west – Davis North end of US 18 concurrency
Minnehaha Sioux Falls 53.906 86.753 SD 42 west (Arrowhead Parkway) South end of SD 42 concurrency
54.002 86.908 SD 42 east – Rowena North end of SD 42 concurrency
Brandon 60.009 96.575 I-90 – Rapid City, Albert Lea, MN Exit 406 on I-90
county line
81.707 131.495 MN 269 east – Jasper Continuation into Minnesota
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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