South Dakota Library Association

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South Dakota Library Association
a green tree type illustration where all the leaves are made up of library type materials
Motto"Libraries... rooted in our communities"
FormationMarch 19, 1891; 129 years ago (1891-03-19)
Parent organization
American Library Association

The South Dakota Library Association (SDLA) is a professional organization for South Dakota's librarians and library workers to "promote libraries within the state and provide library service for the populace."[1]

It is headquartered in Lennox, South Dakota.[1] SDLA started as a section of the South Dakota Federated Women’s Club (SDFWC) in 1904; two years later it began to be sponsored by the South Dakota Education Association for the nest eleven years.[2][1] SDLA didn't officially admit men to the membership until 1905.[1] SDLA’s first official meeting was held in Sioux Falls on December 27, 1906 under their president W. H. Powers and older documents point towards an "organized" date of 1907.[1][3][4] SDLA held its first independent meeting in Pierre, on September 5-6, 1917.[1] SDLA became a chapter of the American Library Association in 1921.[5]

SDLA, along with the South Dakota State Library, sponsors an annual South Dakota Children's Book Awards--Prairie Bud, Prairie Bloom, and Prairie Pasque Children's Book Awards--and a Young Adult Reading Program.[6][7]


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