South Euboean Gulf

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Satellite picture of the South Euboean Gulf, with Euboea on top and the mainland below

The South Euboean Gulf (Greek: Νότιος Ευβοϊκός Κόλπος, Notios Evvoïkos Kolpos) is a gulf in Central Greece, between the island of Euboea and the Greek mainland (Boeotia and Attica). With a total length of approximately 50 km and a width of 10 to 20 km, it stretches nearly diagonally from northwest to southeast, from the Euripus Strait, which connects it to the North Euboean Gulf, to the Petalies Gulf near Agia Marina in the south.


Bays by the gulf[edit]

Places by the gulf[edit]

Coordinates: 38°20′N 23°50′E / 38.333°N 23.833°E / 38.333; 23.833