South Florida National Cemetery

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South Florida National Cemetery
LocationLake Worth, Florida
CountryUnited States
TypeUnited States National Cemetery
Owned byU.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Size313 acres (127 ha)
Find a GraveSouth Florida National Cemetery
Sign in front of the cemetery.
Headstones, facing west.

South Florida National Cemetery is a United States National Cemetery, located in western Lake Worth, Florida.[1] It is maintained by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, and it is also one of the newest national cemeteries in the United States, when it opened to the public on April 16, 2007,[2][3] although the official dedication of the cemetery was on March 9, 2008.[4] The federal approval for the 313-acre (127 ha) cemetery was in October 2000.[5]

Notable burials[edit]

Claude R. Kirk Jr. (1926 – 2011) 36th Governor of Florida.


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