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South Gawler Football Club
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Full name South Gawler Football Club
2017 season
Leading goalkicker TBA
Best and fairest TBA
Club details
Founded 1889
Colours Royal blue and White
Competition Barossa Light & Gawler Football Association
President Luke Officer
Coach Chad O'Sullivan
Captain(s) TBA
Ground(s) Eldred Riggs Reserve, Evanston
Other information
Official website [1]

The South Gawler Football Club is a country Australian rules football club, founded by James Fitzgerald in the Gawler South area of the Barossa Valley town of Gawler, South Australia, in 1889. The Lions, who wear royal blue and white hoops, currently compete in the Barossa Light & Gawler Football Association. Their club and oval today situated at Eldred Riggs Reserve, Evanston, in Gawler.[1]

The Lions have produced some champion footballers, many who have played senior football in the South Australian National Football League (SANFL) and the Australian Football League (AFL) as well as representing South Australia. Sam Butler became South Gawler's first fully professional footballer with the AFL's West Coast Eagles in 2004 and a member of the Eagles' 2006 Premiership team. Defender Yves Sibenaler has played in seven SANFL Premierships (2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) for the Central District Football Club, while Alan Obst (a 2007 Premiership player also with Centrals) was listed with AFL clubs Adelaide and North Melbourne.

According to a number of forums covering country Australian Rules football, South Gawler is possibly one of the most successful football clubs in Australia. With 37 first-grade premierships recorded and verified,[2] discussion in 2008 suggested that the Lions currently had accumulated the second-most premierships in South Australia and were the equal fourth winningest Australian Rules club in Australia.[3]

Although the Lions have not won an A Grade premiership since 1993, their junior development programs continue to produce success. The club's Junior Colts won the flag in 2012 and 2015, while the Senior Colts' completed a hat-trick of premierships from 2009 to 2011 before claiming the title once again in 2013. After he was appointed coach in 2012, former Adelaide Crows and Central District champion Scott Lee took the A Grade to the Grand Final in 2014 to be runners up, while the Reserves emphatically captured the 2012 flag – the club's last senior premiership, somewhat revitalising this historic club.[4] In late 2016 the SGFC announced that former Central District and North Adelaide star Chad O'Sullivan would coach the club for the 2017 season.


Gawler Football Association
1891, 1893, 1894, 1899, 1901, 1902, 1906, 1907, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1927, 1929, 1931, 1932, 1934, 1952
Gawler and District Football League
1954, 1955, 1960
Adelaide Plains Football League
Gawler and District Football League
1963, 1967, 1969, 1970, 1974, 1979, 1986
Barossa, Light and Gawler Football Association
1990, 1992, 1993

Life Members[edit]

1891 - J. Fitzgerald, T.H. Willett
1934 - A. Sweeney, C.A. Rau, E. Higgins
1947 - E. Mahoney, H. Freeman, G. Mahoney, R. Byrne
1953 - P. Giles, F. Hutchins
1954 - W.T. Causby
1958 - A.C. Nottle, G.E. Nottle
1960 - S.N. Edmonds, H.J. Smith
1961 - H.C. Adams, R.B. Gordon, R.F. Martin
1965 - R.J. Argent, G.S. Shannon, B. Nottle, G. Newberry, R.J. Shannon, J.A. Gleeson
1966 - R. Symes, J.W. Nottle
1968 - M.V. Heinrich, K.M. Jones, C. Freak Jnr, D.H. Freak
1969 - D.A. Clark, T. Stockton, T.E. Gleeson, R.J. Riggs, R.J. Charnstrom, B.P. O'Donoghue
1970 - B. Long
1971 - D.S. Rolton, Mrs D.R. McDonald, Mrs C.J. Clark
1972 - Mrs M. Mahoney, B. Deuter, I. McDonald, J.L.P. O'Reilly
1973 - E. Officer
1975 - P.J.W. Gevers, W.W. Isgar
1978 - R.E. Officer, G. Hurst
1979 - E.P. Alwood
1980 - A.H. Russell, J.T. Symes
1982 - Mrs D.J. Symes
1985 - A.P. Jenkins, G.P. Short
1986 - L.G. Clark
1989 - M.K. O'Reilly, K.P. O'Reilly
1992 - X. Sibenaler
1993 - R.J. Hutchins
1998 - C. Bloffwitch, Z. Okunieff
2003 - Mrs L. Officer, P. Montgomerie, Ms M. Wohlstadt
2004 - R.J. O'Donoghue
2005 - J.F. Daly, D.C. Ellis
2009 - R. Ahrens
2010 - P. Bain
2012 - K. Bevis
2014 - K. Barker, G. Barker

State of Origin Footballers[edit]

Peter Swift - South Adelaide, South Australia
Cecil Adcock - South Adelaide, South Australia
E.H. Cockram - South Adelaide, South Australia
Laurie Rusby - South Adelaide, South Australia
Charlie Waters - South Adelaide, South Australia
"Winky" Price - West Adelaide, South Australia
Robin Mulholland - Central District, South Australia

VFL / AFL League Footballers[edit]

Steven Officer - South Melbourne
Sam Butler - Central District, West Coast Eagles
Alan Obst - Central District, Adelaide Crows, North Melbourne

SANFL League Footballers[edit]

Jimmy Fitzgerald - Gawler
Fred May - South Adelaide
Toby Arthur - South Adelaide
Sid Coles - North Adelaide
Doug Thomson - Sturt
Tom Doherty - South Adelaide
Tom Woods - North Adelaide
Fred Rusby - North Adelaide
Eddie Henwood - South Adelaide
G.A. Titus - Norwood
Wally Ayling - North Adelaide
Perce Crump - South Adelaide, Norwood
Howard Abbott - Port Adelaide
Ron May - North Adelaide
Arthur Lamb - North Adelaide
Jim Wainwright - North Adelaide
Bruce Causby - Sturt
John Nottle - Sturt
Bob Edmonds - Central District
Yves Sibenaler - Central District
Anton Noack - Central District
Kym Harrison - Woodville
Chris Hurst - Central District
Aaron Bevis - Central District
Kane Officer - Central District
Yves M. Sibenaler - Central District
Brodie Hudson - Central District
Paul Marschall - Central District

Expatriate SANFL League Footballers[edit]

Dick Shirley - West Torrens
Barry Walker - West Torrens
Kevin Webber - Central District
Alf Skuse - South Adelaide
Mick Daly - Central District
Lyndon Fairclough - Central District
Ken Russell - Central District
Bing Munn - West Adelaide
Clayton Pethick - North Adelaide
Darryl Moss - Glenelg
James Fuller - South Adelaide / Woodville
Graham Schultz - South Adelaide / Central District
Peter Beythien - Central District
Steven Riley - Central District
Brendan Little - North Adelaide / Central District
David Bubner - Central District
Peter Hart - North Adelaide
Malcolm McGrath - Central District
Tano Barilla - Central District
Joe Trimboli - Central District
Garth Newton - Woodville
Ian Dettman - Woodville
Lindsay Nicholls - North Adelaide / Norwood
Steven Hann - North Adelaide / Port Adelaide
Gavin Chaplin - Central District
Scott Norton - Central District
Robert Fraser - Central District
Nick Prokopec – Central District / West Adelaide
Aaron Bayliss – West Adelaide
Matt Lutze – West Adelaide
Heath Lawry - Central District
Chris Musolino - Central District
Chad O'Sullivan - Central District / North Adelaide
Jackson Press - Woodville-West Torrens

South Australia State Country Footballers[edit]

1986 - Brett Riggs
1994 - Eddie Schwerdt
1995 - Eddie Schwerdt

Association Best and Fairest[edit]

Gawler Football Association
1912 Mail Medal - Winky Price
1923 P.J. Broderick Medal - H. Bentley / A.R. May
1927 P.J. Broderick Medal - P. Baldwin
1936 Mail Medal - Eddie Mahoney
1937 Mail Medal - Eddie Mahoney
1938 Mail Medal - Eddie Mahoney
1941 W. Wiles Trophy - M. Williams
1947 Page Trophy - Bob Gordon
1948 Page Trophy - Bob Gordon
Gawler and District Football League
1954 Mail Trophy - Stan Edmonds
1957 Mail Trophy - John Nottle
1963 Mail Trophy - Dean Clark
1970 Mail Trophy - Xavier Sibenaler
1975 Mail Trophy - Mick Daly
1976 Mail Trophy - Kym Stoddard
1983 Bunyip Medal - Graham Schultz
Barossa, Light and Gawler Football Association
1989 Linke and Mail Medals - Eddie Schwerdt
1992 Linke and Mail Medals - Eddie Schwerdt
1995 Linke and Mail Medals - Eddie Schwerdt
2002 Linke and Mail Medals - Ben Halliday


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