South German Offensive

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Southern German Offensive
Part of the Invasion of Germany during World War II
3. US Inf.-Div. in Nürnberg, 20.04.1945.jpg
US Forces walking through a devastated Nuremberg.
Date 28 March - 12 May 1945
Location Southeast Nazi Germany (Present day Germany, Austria and Czech Republic)
Result Decisive Allied Victory
 United States
France France
 Soviet Union
Nazi Germany Germany
Russia Russian Volunteers
Commanders and leaders
United States Jacob Devers
United States George Patton
United States Alexander Patch
United States LeRoy Irwin
France Jean L. Tassigny
Soviet Union Ivan Konev
Nazi Germany Carl Friedrich
Nazi Germany Karl Holz  
Nazi Germany Max Bork
United States United States:
Third Army
Seventh Army
France France:
First Army
Soviet Union Soviet Union:
1st Ukrainian Front
2nd Ukrainian Front
3rd Ukrainian Front
First Army
Seventh Army
Nineteenth Army

The South German Offensive is the general name of one of the final offensives of World War II in Europe. The offensive was led by the Seventh and Third armies of the United States along with the First Army of France. Soviet troops linked up with American forces in Czechoslovakia notably in the Battle of Slivice.[citation needed] The offensive was made by the US 6th Army Group to protect the 12th Army Group's right flank and to prevent a German last stand in the Alps. However German resistance was much more fierce than in the north, which slowed the 6th Army Group's progress. However, by the end of April, many German divisions surrendered without a fight to the advancing American forces to avoid the inevitable destruction. The VI Corps of the Seventh Army linked up with the US Fifth Army, which fought through Italy, in the Alps as the Third Army advanced into Austria and Czechoslovakia, where it linked up with Soviet forces advancing from the east. Fighting continued a few days after the Surrender of Germany on 8 May, due to German forces fighting west to surrender to the Americans instead of the Soviets.