South Gibson School Corporation

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South Gibson School Corporation
Fort Branch, Indiana
Haubstadt, Indiana
Owensville, Indiana

Gibson County
Southwestern Indiana

United States
District information
Grades K-12
Superintendent Dr. Stacey Humbaugh
Students and staff
Students 2,144
Athletic conference Pocket Athletic Conference
District mascot Titans, Elites, Kickapoos, Twigs
Colors See School list below
Other information
2009 Graduation Rate: 90.7% [1]
The area of Gibson County served by the South Gibson School Corporation

The School Corporation[edit]

The South Gibson School Corporation is the largest of the three public school governing institutions in both enrollment and territory covered in Gibson County, Indiana as well as one of the ten largest in enrollment in Southwestern Indiana. The SGSC is responsible for a district including four townships of southern and southwestern Gibson County; Johnson, Montgomery, Union, Wabash, and parts of Barton, Center and Patoka Townships within Gibson County as well as drawing in students from Northern Vanderburgh and Posey Counties. It consists of a superintendent, a five-member school board, eight principals and vice principals and employs around 190 teachers and specialists. As of the 2007-08 school year, the overall enrollment stands at around 2000-2500 students in K-12. The population of the areas inside South Gibson area are starting to become among the fastest growing areas in Southwestern Indiana with all three main towns of Southern Gibson County, Fort Branch Haubstadt and Owensville posting 5-10% population gains every year as well as a number of subdivisions building up outside and around the three towns and at least three of the seven smaller hamlets. The SGSC's renovation of the 35-year-old Gibson Southern High School was complete as of 2010-11 School Year.

In addition, in 2011 Haubstadt Community School installed a 2.4 kW Wind Turbine at the rear of the school property. The corporation plans to eventually install turbines at its other facilities in the future, which may result in income as the corporation sells of unused power from the turbines.

The Facilities of the SGSC[edit]

School Grades Size Mascot Colors Location
Gibson Southern High School
38°14′11″N 87°38′07″W / 38.236377°N 87.635407°W / 38.236377; -87.635407 (Gibson Southern High School)
Freshman -
750 Titans
Lady Titans
3.5 miles west of US 41 on Coal Mine Road (800S)
or 1 mile south of Indiana 168
from the other end of Coal Mine Road (400W).
Fort Branch Community School
38°14′24″N 87°34′13″W / 38.23995°N 87.570369°W / 38.23995; -87.570369 (Fort Branch Community School)
Kindergarten -
8th Grade *
550 Twigs
Lady Twigs
Within Fort Branch near the intersection of
US 41 and Coal Mine Road (800S)
Haubstadt Community School
38°12′23″N 87°34′01″W / 38.206336°N 87.566823°W / 38.206336; -87.566823 (Haubstadt Community School)
Kindergarten -
8th Grade *
400 Elites
Lady Elites
Within Haubstadt 1 mile from US 41
on Outer Gibson Street (1025S)
Owensville Community School
38°15′30″N 87°41′57″W / 38.258436°N 87.699249°W / 38.258436; -87.699249 (Owensville Community School)
Kindergarten -
8th Grade *
500 Kickapoos
Lady Kickapoos
1 mile Southwest of Owensville
on Indiana 65
  • South Gibson has no central Middle School
  • Note: Coal Mine Road is often signed as both 800S on its east terminus (Fort Branch End) and 400W
    on its north terminus (Indiana 168 or Owensville End) with the curve being about 200 feet west of the
    Gibson Southern High School Campus.

Other Facilities[edit]

Former Facilities[edit]

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