South Greenland

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South Greenland
Colony of Denmark–Norway (1728?-1814)
Colony of Denmark (1814-1950)

Flag of South Greenland

Flag of Denmark

Location of South Greenland
South Greenland in Dark Green. North Greenland in Light Green. Mainland Denmark in Lime Green.
Government Monarchy
 •  1728-1730 Frederick IV first
 •  1947-1950 Frederick IX last
Governor/Royal inspectors
 •  1782–1789 Bendt Olrik first
 •  1945–1950 Carl Fredrik Simony last
 •  Established 1728?
 •  Disestablished 1950
Today part of  Kingdom of Denmark

South Greenland was a Danish colony on Greenland consisting of the trading centers and missionary stations along the southwest coast of the island. Its capital was at Godthaab (modern Nuuk).[1] The northernmost town of South Greenland was Holsteinborg, which bordered Egedesminde, which was the southernmost town of North Greenland. This boundary between South and North Greenland ran at around 68°N degree of latitude, and in the South, South Greenland stretched to 59°30'N,[2] or to the southernmost point of Greenland.

In 1911, as the administration of the colony was removed from the Royal Greenland Trading Department and folded into the Danish Ministry of the Interior, a provincial council (Danish: landsråd) was established. It was elected indirectly from the local councils and had little say in the management of the colony.

It was united with North Greenland in 1950.[verification needed]

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