South Greenland

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South Greenland
Colony of Denmark–Norway (1728?–1814)
Colony of Denmark (1814–1950)
Flag Coat of arms
Flag of Denmark Coat of arms
Location of South Greenland
South Greenland in Dark Green. North Greenland in Light Green. Mainland Denmark in Lime Green.
Government Monarchy
 •  1728–1730 Frederick IV first
 •  1947–1950 Frederick IX last
Governor/Royal inspectors
 •  1782–1789 Bendt Olrik first
 •  1945–1950 Carl Fredrik Simony last
 •  Established 1728?
 •  Disestablished 1950
Today part of  Kingdom of Denmark

South Greenland was a Danish colony on Greenland consisting of the trading centers and missionary stations along the southwest coast of the island. Its capital was at Godthaab (modern Nuuk).[1] The northernmost town of South Greenland was Holsteinborg, which bordered Egedesminde, which was the southernmost town of North Greenland. This boundary between South and North Greenland ran at around 68°N degree of latitude, and in the South, South Greenland stretched to 59°30'N,[2] or to the southernmost point of Greenland.

In 1911, as the administration of the colony was removed from the Royal Greenland Trading Department and folded into the Danish Ministry of the Interior, a provincial council (Danish: landsråd) was established. It was elected indirectly from the local councils and had little say in the management of the colony.

It was united with North Greenland in 1950.[verification needed]

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