South Gujarat

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South Gujarat
Dakshin Gujarat
Southern Districts of Gujarat State (India)
Southern Districts of Gujarat State (India)
Country  India
State Gujarat
 • Total 17,500 km2 (6,800 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 11,703,004
 • Official Gujarati
 • Other English, Hindi, Dangi, Bhili, Konkani, Marathi[1][2][3]
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registration GJ
Largest city Surat
Headquarter Surat

South Gujarat, also known as Dakshin Gujarat (Daxin Gujarat)[4], is a region in Indian state of Gujarat. The region is one of the wettest regions of India. The western part is almost coastal and is known as Kantha Vistar ("coastal expanse" in Gujarati), and the eastern part is also known as Dungar Vistar ("hilly expanse"), which ranges from 100 to 1000 metres, with the highest peak at Saputara in the Dang district.

Headquarters and districts[edit]

Surat the largest city in this region, and the second largest in Gujarat and eight largest in India, is the headquarters of South Gujarat region. The districts in this region are Surat district, Bharuch district, Navsari district, Dang district, Valsad district, Narmada district and the newly formed Tapi district. Other important cities are Bharuch, Ankleshwar, Navsari, Vyara, Valsad, Bardoli, Vapi, Jambusar, Bilimora, Rajpipla and Songadh.

Places of tourism[edit]

  • Saputara - is a hill-station only 172 km from Surat is perched in the Sahayadri mountain ranges of South Gujarat and is the only hill-station in Gujarat. Ahwa, Gira Water Fall, Sanctuary, Table Top, Sunset Point, Boating, Rope-Way, Paragliding etc. are main Attractions in Saputara
  • Dandi - is a beach famous for Salt March (Dandi Satyagraha) which was held in 1930 by Mahatma Gandhi during British era is only 45 km from Surat.
  • Ubharat Beach - is a famous beach situated only 45 km from Surat, 30 km from Navsari.
  • Dumas Beach - is a famous beach in Surat city.
  • Suvali Beach - is a famous beach situated only 35 km from Surat main city.
  • Tithal Beach - is a famous beach situated only 100 km from Surat, 7 km from Valsad.
  • Umbargam - is a famous place where there is a studio of Mythological drama/series(including Mahabharat(by B.R. Chopra)), movies are being shoot.
  • Barumala-Dharampur-Valsad - There is famous temple of Hindu God Shankar
  • Kabirvad - Kabirvad is a banyan tree located on a small river island in Narmada river. It is in Bharuch district.
  • Surat - Surat is the commercial and economic center in South Gujarat, which is famous for its diamonds and textile Industries and as a shopping centre for apparels and accessories. Surat Aquarium(Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium), Heritage Gopi Talao, Dumas Beach, Suvali Beach,Shyam Prasad Mukharjee Zoo(Sarthana Zoo), Botanical Garden are places to visit in Surat. Surat's Urban Infrastructures, Mall, Multiplex and Gaurav Path are attractive for Urban life lovers.


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