South Halmahera Regency

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South Halmahera Regency
Official seal of South Halmahera Regency
Country  Indonesia
Province North Maluku
Island Halmahera
Capital Labuha
 • Total 8,892 km2 (3,433 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Total 198,911
Time zone WIT (UTC+9)

South Halmahera Regency or Halmahera Selatan is a regency of North Maluku Province, Indonesia. It lies partly on Halmahera Island and partly on smaller islands to the west and south of Halmahera. As of 2010 it had a population of 198,911 people.[1] The capital lies at Labuha on Bacan Island.


It is home to a number of archipelagoes and islands. Among them:

  • Obi Islands, including Obira (main), Bisa, Obilatu and other small islands, comprising in all 5 kecamatan with 41,455 people at the 2010 census.
  • Bacan Islands, including:
    • Bacan Island itself, comprising 7 kecamatan with 60,742 people
    • Mandoli, comprising 2 kecamatan with 8,788 people
    • Kasiruta, comprising 2 kecamatan with 8,368 people
  • Kayoa Group, comprising 4 kecamatan with 20,176 people
  • Makian, comprising 2 kecamatan with 12,394 people
  • Joronga Islands, comprising 1 kecamatan with 5,264 people
  • Batan Lomang Islands, comprising 1 kecamatan with 6,177 people
  • the southern peninsula of Halmahera Island (the area is known as Gane), comprising 6 kecamatan with 35,547 people.[2]


The regency is divided into thirty districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their 2010 Census population.

Name English name Population
Census 2010
or Group
Bacan 19,092 Bacan Islands
Bacan Barat West Bacan 3,549 Bacan Islands
Bacan Barat Utara Northwest Bacan 4,096 Bacan Islands
Bacan Selatan South Bacan 13,265 Bacan Islands
Bacan Timur East Bacan 9,051 Bacan Islands
Bacan Timur Selatan Southeast Bacan 6,460 Bacan Islands
Bacan Timur Tengah East Central Bacan 5,229 Bacan Islands
Batan Lomang 6,177 Batan Lomang Islands
Gane Barat West Gane 7,972 Halmahera
Gane Barat Selatan Southwest Gane 5,545 Halmahera
Gane Barat Utara Northwest Gane 6,027 Halmahera
Gane Timur East Gane 8,729 Halmahera
Gane Timur Tengah East Central Gane 3,796 Halmahera
Gane Timur Selatan Southeast Gane 3,478 Halmahera
Kasiruta Barat West Kasiruta 4,521 Kasiruta
Kasiruta Timur East Kasiruta 3,847 Kasiruta
Kayoa 8,180 Kayoa Islands
Kayoa Barat West Kayoa 3,469 Kayoa Islands
Kayoa Selatan South Kayoa 5,856 Kayoa Islands
Kayoa Utara North Kayoa 2,671 Kayoa Islands
Kepulauan Joronga Joronga Islands 5,264 Joronga Islands
Makian Barat West Makian 3,417 Makian
Mandioli Selatan South Mandioli 5,798 Mandioli
Mandioli Utara North Mandioli 2,990 Mandioli
Obi 14,125 Obi Islands
Obi Barat West Obi 3,586 Obi Islands
Obi Selatan South Obi 12,128 Obi Islands
Obi Timur East Obi 3,389 Obi Islands
Obi Utara North Obi 8,227 Obi Islands
Pulau Makian Makian Island 8,977 Makian