South Hill Park, London

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Coordinates: 51°33′28″N 0°09′48″W / 51.5577°N 0.1632°W / 51.5577; -0.1632

South Hill Park is a street in the Hampstead district of London. It is within the London Borough of Camden, and some of its houses overlook Hampstead Heath.

Transport links[edit]

Hampstead Heath railway station, on the North London Line, is at the southern end of South Hill Park. Buses, chiefly the number 24, depart from nearby South End Green.

Ruth Ellis and Styllou Christofi[edit]

The Magdala Today

The last woman to be hanged in Britain, Ruth Ellis, was sentenced to death for a murder committed on South Hill Park. She shot her boyfriend, David Blakely, outside a public house, The Magdala, on 10 April 1955. The pub is now closed and the building converted into apartments.

Coincidentally, the second-last woman to be hanged in Britain, Styllou Christofi, lived a few metres from the Magdala at 11 South Hill Park,[1] with her son and daughter-in-law. She was executed in December 1954, four months before Ellis committed her crime.

Notable residents[edit]