South Jackson Mountains Wilderness

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South Jackson Mountains
BLM-Winnemucca-NCA-Map 1-01 reference.gif
BLM map of the Black Rock-High Rock NCA and 10 wilderness areas including South Jackson Mountains Wilderness
Map showing the location of South Jackson Mountains
Map showing the location of South Jackson Mountains
location of South Jackson Mountains Wilderness in Nevada[1]
LocationBlack Rock Desert, Nevada, United States
Coordinates41°12′21.643″N 118°32′34.579″W / 41.20601194°N 118.54293861°W / 41.20601194; -118.54293861Coordinates: 41°12′21.643″N 118°32′34.579″W / 41.20601194°N 118.54293861°W / 41.20601194; -118.54293861
Elevation2,290 m (7,510 ft)
OperatorBureau of Land Management

The South Jackson Mountains Wilderness is a U.S. Wilderness Area in Nevada under the Bureau of Land Management. It is located in the Jackson Mountains, south of the North Jackson Mountains Wilderness and east of the Black Rock Desert Wilderness.[1][2]

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